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Joshua’s looks for live entertainment

 The high school is fortunate to play host to its very own restaurant, Joshua’s. Joshua’s is open to all students and staff, as well as members from the community.

   The staff of Joshua’s has recently decided they would like to bring in more student talent to showcase in the restaurant. The high school has many students associated with different talents that could be featured in the restaurant.

   “Our high school has a wealth of talent in music, arts, vocal, theater, as well as other gifts.  We want Joshua’s to be a showcase for not only our culinary students but high school students who want to showcase their abilities.” Joshua’s culinary team member Tracey Lee said.

    Joshua’s has a large customer rate, with not only students dining and working there but also parents and members of the community deciding to eat there. The culinary team consisting of Tracey Lee, Teresa Ursetti and Chef Giangaspero decided that they would like to allow these people to witness firsthand some of the many talents of students at the high school.

    Currently, Joshua’s restaurant already hosts pieces of art from Mrs. Surrena’s up-cycled art class and Mr. Pierce’s photography class. Surrena’s students made flower balls out of skewers and old books, some of which are hanging in the restaurant for decoration. Pierce’s students also have some of their photography on the walls around the restaurant. The staff is always on the lookout for more talents to showcase, whether they be in art, photography, or other specialties.

    The culinary team is always looking for more students to show off their talents. The team would like to welcome any talent from any student in hopes of making the restaurant welcoming for everyone. They ask students who are interested to contact Tracey Lee Chef G or Teresa Ursetti.

Joshua’s fresh food serves as wonderful alternative

From fresh foods to fast service, a restaurant in the school is known as a great place to eat a tasty meal. Joshua’s strives to new levels as it trains students for the Culinary Arts program.

With the objective to train all students in all areas of the demanding and competitive world of restaurant management and basic cooking techniques, Joshua’s welcomes all people on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to come eat a great meal.

If students need a break from the basic school lunches from the cafeteria, I suggest taking a walk a little bit further down the hall to Joshua’s Restaurant. They have a dine-in option and a to-go option.

“Our seasonal menu is quite popular. It follows farm-to-table food herds and changes three times throughout the year,” Instructor Tracy Lee said.

With an addition of all year meals that are classic hits, people would definitely be satisfied. Most commonly bought items are the house made chips, fresh fries and the chicken tenders basket.

They also offer a salad bar and soups. Desserts that could melt in ones mouth might catch their eyes, too.

“A lot of people really like the Joshua’s Killer Brownie. It’s a more popular dessert,” Assistant Instructor Teresa Ursetti said.

All the foods on the menu are fresh every week and are very good.

Take a break from that basic school lunch and take a trip to Joshua’s.

Joshua’s opens March seafood buffet

Joshua’s Restaurant is preparing to open its doors to the public in mid-March for a seafood buffet.

The buffet, which includes choice selections of fish and mussels, is $15 per person and will be ready to serve patrons on Wed. March 18 as well as Thurs. March 19. The meal will be hosted on either day between the hours of 10:45am and 12pm.

Besides seafood, guests will also be able to indulge in meatloaf, roasted potatoes, spaghetti squash and assorted desserts, which will all be prepared by the staff of Joshua’s restaurant.

“I absolutely love the food at Joshua’s,” said senior Sarah Temple. “I am so glad the students in the culinary program will be able to show our community what they are capable of. The extensive menu has so many unique items, as well as familiar favorites. I can tell [it is] going to be very, very tasty.”

Because seating is limited, this event is accessible by reservation only. To reserve a space, contact the restaurant at (330)-689-5213.