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Khalid- The Newest Sensation Of Pop Music

Maria Leonino

    Over the years, music styles have changed and evolved. While the music may not be like it used to be, singer Khalid Robinson, or better known as just “Khalid” has grown into one of the top pop artists.

    Khalid made his music debut on March 3, 2017. He released his 15 track album, which skyrocketed quickly and boosted his career. His hit song “Location” was performed live shortly after the release, and “Angels” was featured on the hit television show, “Grey’s Anatomy”.

    Ever since then, Khalid has released many collaborations with other artists, an E.P album, and his most recent album, “Free Spirit” released on April 5, 2019.

    “I learned about Khalid from his song “Location”. I saw it online and found his music. I have been a fan before his first album came out,” junior Payton Hackim said.

    Along with the release of his new album, Khalid is going on tour and the tickets became available the day the album came out. Hackim and I bought tickets for his Columbus show in the summer.

    I cannot wait to see Khalid live. He is one of my favorite artists and he has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard.

    The 17 track album of “Free Spirit” contains a variety of different music. There is upbeat songs such as “Talk” and “Right Back”, and there are deeper, sadder songs such as “Heaven” and “Intro”.

    “His music makes me feel so many emotions. Happy, sad, mixed emotions, just about everything. He has a way with connecting songs to others lives on such a deeper level and I love that,” Hackim said.

    The upbeat songs give me hope for the future, the sad songs make me reflect on my past, and his more chill songs calm me. Any mood I feel can turn around once I listen to his songs.

    Khalid has a way with his lyrics and music, it is unlike any other artist I have ever heard. He is inspiring to many at such a young age, and he is just getting started.

    My favorite song for sure is “Right Back”. The song is about a relationship falling off track and needing to spend more time with that special someone.

    Although I love the message the song portrays, the upbeat music and the way it makes me feel is what I love the most. This was one of the first songs I listened to when the album came out and it remained my favorite throughout the whole album.

    Some comparisons between us first and most recent album is how Khalid has evolved and changed. He has such a more positive outlook on life and his songs prove he is happier and in a better place than before.

    “8Teen” is a track from his first album, which was his age when he released the album. Now, Khalid has the track “Twenty One”. When he was 18 he talked about not accomplishing much and being behind, but now that he is 21 he knows what he wants and has done more than he ever dreamed of.

    All in all, Khalid’s album “Free Spirit” is one of the best, and my most favorite album. I hope in the future he releases more albums and shows the world how great he is.

    “Overall, I like the vibe of his new album and the meaning each song has. Every song has a different message, and in some albums songs can be repetitive but I do not feel that way with this album,” Hackim said.


Captain Marvel

Hannah Bartels

     As if there wasn’t already enough superhero movies, there’s another. But this time it’s okay because the superhero is a woman, which isn’t very common for superhero movies.

According to, “Captain Marvel” is the second, “major Hollywood film to feature a female superhero at its center.” “Wonder Woman” was the first to do so but “Captain Marvel” is a, “savier and more high-flying fantasy.”

    Brie Larson serves the role as Captain Marvel in the movie but knows herself as Vers, unknowingly working with the “bad guys” as a Kree warrior. Brie has no knowledge of her identity or roots since the accident where she gained her powers by blowing up a ship containing a powerful energy core; however, she does not succeed in destroying the core and it causes many issues later on in the movie.

    Brie has the ability to fly, make supersonic blasts and change costumes which help her fly into space. When Brie goes on a mission with her team of Kree warriors, she is accidentally captured by the Skrulls who she believes are the bad guys, but in reality she and the Kree people are the real bad guys.

    When Brie escapes she the Skrulls she crash lands on Earth, a distant memory from before the crash. While searching for the Skrulls who followed her to Earth, she teams up with the U.S. government. She forms new alliances with the people on Earth as her memories slowly return to her.

    Brie must watch her back, for the Skrulls can take the shape and appearance of any person they see. Yet, all the Skrulls really want from Brie is the information on the location of the energy core which can save the Skrull people who are hiding out on a ship in Space from the Kree people.

    After encountering a Skrull who turns out to be honest and pure, Brie questions her upbringing and her own identity more than before. She soon learns who her real friends are and is determined to stop the Kree people.

    “Captain Marvel” is an empowering tale of self discovery and finding self worth. With these two topics being such an issue in today’s world for many people, this matter portrays how difficult it can be for some to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    achieve a good mental health. Many people struggle with finding their purpose and role in the world and that is portrayed in Captain Marvel” by Brie Larson.

    Despite all of the cool special effects and battle scenes, the story can be somewhat cheesy at points. “Captain Marvel” was also an exciting movie for many women who were eager for another woman superhero. Many know that “Wonder Woman” was one of the first woman superhero movies which was a huge deal for feminists and paved the way for more superhero movies involving women as the main role. But with “Captain Marvel” as the second movie to do so, the future of more women superheroes looks bright.

    With plenty of action and battle scenes, “Captain Marvel” is a story which is exciting and thrilling to watch. Head to the theaters and see why so many are buzzing about the new female superhero.

Five Feet Apart Movie Review

Cori Van Orman

IMDb rating: 7.1/10

Personal rating: 8/10

    5 Feet Apart was a very touching movie about cystic fibrosis patients. CF patients are not supposed to get too close to each other.

    Stella, a CF patient has a hospital visit where she has to stay and work on her regime. Her best friend, Poe, also has CF and they can hang out as long as they take the appropriate steps and keep their distance.

    Stella meets Will, a cystic fibrosis patient with a lung bacteria issue. Nurse Barb, Stella’s favorite nurse, tells her to stay away from him so that she does not get the fungus.

    She cannot stay away from him and is very attracted to him. They get very close and it causes a lot of problems in the long run.

    Over time, as Stella and Will get closer, Nurse Barb finds out and tries her hardest to put an end to it.

    The kids take a stand against their disease and try to fight for the relationship and feelings they have for each other.

    This movie envokes many emotions. It has happy moments of romance, love, passion, and overall happy events. However, this movie is sad and hard to watch at times. These kids are faced with death and illness and the inability to hug each other due to the shared disease.

    It is incredibly hard to imagine a life where someone cannot hug their best friend. It is hard for them to sit around and take treatments and pray for a new set of lungs every so many years.

    Doctors, nurses, and CF families have gone to see 5 Feet Apart. Although they agree the movie is touching and sweet, some of the events do not match with real CF events. Some of the facts do not align with real life, but overall everyone can agree the movie has a great message and meaning and is worth everyone’s time to go see.

The Evolution of Vacations

Maria Leonino

    Over time, the variation of family vacations have evolved. Nowadays, families take trips to other countries, states and travel by cars, planes or cruise ships.

    Popular times to travel are around Christmas, spring break and the months June-August. At this time, children are not in school due to break, so families travel as a getaway.

    Families travel to all different climates and places. Ski trips to mountains, beach vacations, and tourist or historic attractions are a few of many popular vacations.

    Another way to travel is through cruise ships. On a cruise, families travel to multiple different countries or cities all over the world, all within days or weeks.

    I have done different forms of vacations such as beach trips, historic spots, and cruises. For a long time I would only travel to North and South Carolina beaches, but my past two vacations have been cruises.

    When I was younger, Outer Banks, North Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina were the main places I went to. My family, along with my aunts, grandparents and cousins always came with me.

    A traditional way for families to vacation is by staying on a beach house or hotel, which is what my family would do.

    In the Outer Banks, we always rented a home for a week on the beach. We would drive down together and have a routine of going to the beach, dinner and doing a late night activity.

    The same routine would remain in Myrtle Beach, except I stayed on a hotel. Myrtle Beach has a variety of activities and more to do, which is what I favored over Outer Banks.

    About three years ago, I went to Hilton Head, South Carolina for the first and only time. Unfortunately, this vacation was my least favorite. I did not care for the island or the place we stayed.

    My two most recent vacations have been cruises, and those two are my overall favorite out of all my vacations.

    Last spring break I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise with my aunt and cousin. We left out of Tampa, Florida and cruises to Key West, Florida and Cozumel, Mexico. The cruise was a total of five days.

    On cruise ships, there is buffets, free food, putt-putt, pools, basketball courts, live shows, casinos, game rooms, and much more. They are basically mini towns all in one place.

    I was very nervous for my first cruise because it is scary to think about being in the middle of the ocean with nothing surrounding me. The boat does get very rocky and at times it was scary, but overall the beautiful places I have gotten to see trump it all.

    This past spring break I had the opportunity to go on another cruise, this time with thirty-one amazing people. We left out of Tampa, Florida again and traveled to Cozumel, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and Grand Cayman Island.

    This time, my mom, dad, brother, sister, aunts, uncle, grandparents, cousins, and many extended family members attended. The trip served as a “family reunion”, as well as my aunt getting married in Cozumel.

    We were on the ship for seven nights and traveled through Carnival cruise ship. A nice aspect of the trip was there was a block of five rooms all in a row with most of my family members, so we were all by each other.

    The cruise ship staterooms are very small, but also a fair amount of room for two-three people.

    I enjoyed getting to see so many beautiful parts of the world that I normally would never have traveled to. Experiencing the different cultures, food and overall lifestyle of other people is truly eye opening and amazing.

    Overall, traveling using a variety of vacation spots is important and everyone should be able to experience different places and travel.