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Jonas Brothers Reunited

Lauren Rayman
The Jonas Brothers recently reunited and released the song “Sucker.”
People began to get exciting shortly after the Jonas Brothers tweeted about the release of the song.
That tweet was the first sign of any activity on the account, @jonasbrothers, since a retweet on September 4, 2013. On February 28, 2019, they tweeted a picture of the song cover and a tweet that read “Midnight ET. #Sucker.” That tweet also included a link to the song.
After not releasing music for so long, the news of their reunion spread like rapid fire across many social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Within these social media platforms, many big accounts, including @MTV, @Spotfiy and @PrimeVideo on Twitter, shared their opinions.
@MTV tweeted, “How am I expected to do anything today when the only thing I can think about is the #JonasBrothers? This is a real SOS, @JonasBrothers,” just an hour after the tweet from the Jonas Brothers themselves. Spotify shared their tweet less than two hours later.
Since the announcement of their reunion, the Jonas Brothers have remade their iconic “oh how the tables have turned” video, played a one night show in Los Angeles, California, and joined James Corden on The Late Late Show for an interview segment and carpool karaoke.
In the past when an artist has dropped a song or album without much warning, it took a week or so to top the charts, but this was not the case with the Jonas Brothers’ release of “Sucker.”
The song dropped less than a day after their tweet and has remained at the top of the charts on Spotify and Apple Music. It also has been one of the most requested and played songs on many radio stations all across the country.
Although the song itself is not horrible, many people, including myself, were expecting more from their first song back together.
“Sucker” does not contain the boy band feels that all of the songs released by the Jonas Brothers in the past did, considering they have not released new music for over five years now.
The song is very upbeat, just like a lot of their older music is. But, while it is upbeat, it also carries a very mature vibe to it with the lyrics.
Nick and Joe are the two main singers on the song. Their voices have matured a lot since the last time music was released by them, and this also gives the song a more mature vibe.
One of the main things that has personally stood out to me about the release was how vibrant all of the marketing images have been. All of the images contain the bright colors that Joe, Nick, and Kevin can be seen wearing on the song cover. The music video also reflects this.
Overall, many people, including myself, are pleased with the reunion of the Jonas Brothers. Many people grew up watching the “Camp Rock” movies and listening to the Jonas Brothers, so having them come back to release music together almost seems unreal.
Listen to the song “Sucker” at and follow the Jonas Brothers on Twitter at to keep up with their latest announcements.


Glass- Review

Hannah Bartels
Back from the movie “Unbreakable,” Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson join James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy from the movie, “Split.” Bruce Willis plays as David Dunn and Samuel Jackson plays as Elijah Price (a.k.a. Mr. Glass). James McAvoy plays Kevin Wendell Crumb and Anya Taylor-Joy plays as Casey Cooke. Together, they join for the trilogy, “Glass.”
According to, “Glass” has been given a 75% liked rating and an average rating of 3.9/5. The movie came into theaters on Friday, Jan. 18 and is 110 minutes long. “Glass” is rated PG-13 for some violence, thematic elements and language.
“Glass” begins with two of the three wanted criminals hiding out in the city. Kevin has commited several more kidnappings of tennage girls to sacrifice for one of his multiple personalities, infamously known as The Beast.
Meanwhile, Casey Cooke is starting over with a somewhat normal life while her uncle remains in prison. David is on a hunt for The Beast to stop the kidnappings but is recognized as a villain rather than a hero.
When The Beast and David go head to head, they are both captured by the police and are transferred to a mental institute with Mr. Glass. Dr. Ellie Staple is a travelling mental doctor and has three days to convince The Beast, David, and Mr. Glass that they are not the heroes they perceive themself as and she must stick to harsh tactics.
For one of her most difficult patients, she realizes that one person can heal them better than she can. In the end, many lives are lost and there are a few plot twists that take create a huge impact on the movie’s plot.
“Mr. Glass” is an exciting movie to watch but only because Kevin is in it and people like to see his other personality, The Beast. The other characters are rather dull in comparison to him. The movie also requires a pretty good knowledge on the plot of “Unbreakable” so it can be challenging to follow if you have not seen it.
In addition, “Mr. Glass” does not have much action either. For a very large portion, the characters are sitting in a contained room. The only real time you will see much action is in the last 30 minutes of the movie which even then, is not that great. And not to mention, the plot is not that exciting either.
The main attraction in the movie is really just the return of the characters. The plot and action are very boring but would be much worse without the characters. The rating given to this movie is very agreeable and suits the movie well.
In short, the movie may not be something to go and spend your money on but if you’re bored on a Friday night and have no plans, then it would be worth seeing. Otherwise, it may just be best to wait and see if it will be streamed onto Netflix or Hulu and see it then so you can save your money.

Thank u, Next- Review

Maria Leonino

Ariana Grande has pleased her fans once again with her latest album, “thank u, next” when it was released on Feb 8, 2019.
Grande released a chart topping album six months ago titled “sweetener”, but the latest album has topped the Billboard 200 charts for the last two weeks.
Three of her songs from her new album are ranked in the top three for Billboard 100, which has broken the record of “The Beatles” from fifty years ago.
“thank u, next” is a twelve track album containing songs of all different genres, themes and meanings. Some of the most recognized songs include “7 rings,” “thank u, next,” “imagine,” and “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored.”
Multiple songs on the track are hinted at her relationships, more closely related to her ex fiancée, Pete Davidson and her late ex boyfriend, Mac Miller.
“ghostin” is a slow, sad love song that takes a closer look into why Grande and Davidson ended. She explains how she is upset over Miller, but promises Davidson they will overcome their hard times.
When Miller passed away of an overdose while Grande was engaged to Davidson, the death of Miller took a toll on Grande and Davidson’s relationship and they broke up. “imagine” is another song that symbolizes Miller as if they never broke up and were still living in a perfect world together.
Although Grande focuses on mainly Davidson and Miller, “thank u, next” is a song that recognizes all of her past loves. Grande thanks Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Miller and Davidson because they have all taught her a valuable lesson. Thanking them helped Grande get over each relationship and become a stronger, better version of herself.
Grande has had time to focus and reflect on herself, so songs such as “needy,” “in my head” and “NASA” are revolves around Grande saying she is needy, needs space and over thinks her relationships. “7 rings” is one of her most popular songs on the album, which also focuses on her work ethic for receiving what she wants.
The rest of the album includes “make up”, “bloodline”, “bad idea”, and “breakup with your girlfriend, i’m bored”. Lastly, “fake smile” is an underrated song talking about how Grande has struggled over the past few months and does not want to fake her smiles anymore.
Overall, Grande’s music has had huge successes over the years, but the “thank u, next” album has skyrocketed her career in many ways.

Happy Death Day 2U- Review

Abigail Kuhns
Happy Death Day 2U, the sequel to Happy Death Day, was released early last week and people everywhere are rushing out to see it. Both movies are spin-offs of the original film Groundhog day.
In 2017, the first Happy Death Day was released where the main character Tree must relive her murder over and over, not to mention it was on her birthday. Throughout the movie she dies 11 times and wakes up in the same place every time.
With the help of fellow college student, Carter, she discovers her killer in order to stop the continuous loop which leads into the sequel.
In the beginning, it is Carter’s roommate, Ryan, is the one who starts to live one day over and over; however, the tables quickly turn back to the main character Tree. She must discover the true source of loop while finding her second murderer with the help of science.
According to, 65% of viewers said they enjoyed the first Happy Death Day while 67% of viewers who have seen the second movie so far said they enjoyed it.
Despite what the majority stated, I liked the first movie a lot more than the sequel.
Creativity was a positive factor of the movie because of the ways she died and how she she had to make a choice of living in the past or moving on with the future.
The animations in the second movie were amazing and the attention to detail was spectacular, but other than that the movie was not really exciting.
Happy Death Day 2U was way too predictable because of the first one and the storyline needed more of twist to differ it from the first.
Both times the creators have tried to make the movie scary but not too horrific and I think they are doing a poor job. The movies are not fearful and just plain cheesy.
Overall, I would give Happy Death Day 2U a 5/10 rating based upon the animations, creativity, plot and horror factor.