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New Stow Cheer Coaches

By Hanna Bartels

Stow Welcomes Two New Cheer Coaches!

    As summer begins to wind down and the leaves start turning, the Stow cheerleaders are leaping into the football season with two new coaches! This year, Stow is welcoming Amy Kania and Kelly Swenson to the team and the cheerleaders already have great things to say about the coaches!

    This year, Coach Amy would like to see each cheerleader learn something new and achieve their own personal goals.  As for the competition team, she would like to see the team have a confident, clean routine with hopes of placing well. She would also like to have team cohesion to keep a fun and positive learning environment throughout the season.

    Coach Amy enjoyed her time as a cheerleader and says that her coaches were always her best mentors. She hopes to be a role model and mentor to her athletes. “Cheerleading gave me life long friendships and I hope these girls can experience the same,” she says.

    “Both coaches have shown great respect towards our team our team and want nothing but the best of us,” Marissa Mosko, a sophomore cheerleader says. She explains, “They will also take the time to work with us and spend that extra time going over important material, working on tumbling skills, and perfecting our routines.”

    She says that her favorite thing about Coach Amy is how she prioritizes taking time to get to know each of the cheerleaders. In addition, Coach Amy participates in the cheerleader’s tumbling classes and will give her own person tips and tricks for tumbling.

    Mosko feels as though the team sees Coach Amy as more of a helpful teammate and friend, rather than just a coach. She admires her “ability to get along with teenagers and her passion for cheerleading.”

    Her favorite things about Coach Kelly is how she uses her experience with dance to give tips to the girls on stretching and new dances. She exposes the girls to “new and improved things.”

   Sophomore cheerleader, Lindsay Riggs, says that her favorite thing about Coach Amy is “her energy” and how she “always brightens everyone’s day when she comes to practice with a smile on her face.” Her favorite thing about Coach Kelly is “her creativity”. “She is constantly helping us come up with new material and is always willing to help out,” says Riggs.

    She says that the Coach Amy and Coach Kelly  have helped all of the girls become better cheerleaders through their critiques and that the team has improved as a whole. “Kelly and Amy also bring great energy to this team,” says Riggs.

Riggs says that the new coaches are both great additions and will only helm the team grow!

    She explains that Stow’s cheer team has made friendships with all of the coaches. “We got to know Kelly and Amy throughout the Summer when we went to cheer camp as well as conditioning practices that the team attended. They fit right into the Stow Cheer Family,”  says Riggs.

    This year, the cheer team is sure to be stronger and more skilled than before. The coaches are working the cheerleaders hard and are making big improvements in the team. With Coach Kelly’s long history in dance and Coach Amy’s long history in cheer, the team is excited for a great season!

New Students At Stow

Ostrowski-New Students

    There are many new kids that came from another school, from Freshman year to senior year.

    Molly Haas, a new junior in our school came from Walsh Jesuit High School. Haas’s mom loves that she is going to Stow because she went herself.

    Gabriel Hardman is a new sophomore at our school. Hardmen came from Cuyahoga Falls High School.

    Tao Kim is a new freshmen at our school. He didn’t come, far but he came from kent middle school.

    Both Hardman and Haas know people that go to Stow, and have made plenty of friends here too. They say most people have been very welcoming.

    Kim did not know anyone when he came to stow but he has made heaps of new friends.

    “ I left my school for sports and an overall better environment,” Hardman said.

    Hardman plays lacrosse and wrestling. He usually plays football too but he is out because of an injury with an enlarged spleen. Haas plays volleyball for the girls team.

    Kim left Kent to be at Stow because it is much closer to his house than the kent high school because he lives close to the border of kent and stow.

    Kim does not play any sports, however he is in band, where he plays tenor sax.

    “ I came to Stow mainly because of volleyball, and also I know so many people here and have always thought about coming,” Haas said.

    Haas had an easy transition to stow because she lives in stow and as she said she knows people who go here.

    Neither Kim nor Hardman live in Stow. Kim lives in Kent while Hardman lives in Cuyahoga Falls.

    Hardman was not nervous at all to come to Stow because of all the people he already know. He also didn’t need to go to the freshmen day because he already knew where his classes where.

    “Yes I was a little nervous, because it was a new huge environment but I also knew so many people here which made it better,” Haas said.

    Haas said that freshmen day was pretty helpful with finding her class, but either way she would have been perfectly fine.

    Kim said that he was not nervous to actually come to stow but being new and not knowing really anyone scared him.  

    Kim thought the freshmen day was very helpful with finding his, classes now.

     Both Haas and Hardman are taking more advanced classes then there grade because of the classes they took at Walsh and Falls.

    “ Id say it is about the same here as Kent, but I feel better here in Stow,” Kim said.

    Kim though many of the things the students do in Kent we do here at Stow. He also though the atmosphere is better here.  

    The new students are doing great and feel great about being here at Stow.

Security Updates To Stow High School

  Stow high school has been making many changes to the school so students feel more secure. These changes are supposed to help the student body as a whole in case of an emergency situation.

    One of the additions to the school was an extra set of doors added by the athletic office. These are the doors students use when they are getting on and off the buses.

    The main doors at the school are now a security entrance. Which makes it harder for visitors to get into the school if they are not students or faculty. Students have to buzz in and state a specific reason for entering the building.

    Julie Archer’s desk was moved to be right by the front entrance of the school. Archer is a secretary who checks in parents who have items for students and signs kids out when they go to their cars. She now sits right by the doors to make sure people are checking in with her first.

    Officer Barry Smith also has a new office this year after being moved to the former mailroom. He is now right next to the main entrance of the school.

     Students and parents in Stow want to feel safer with the sudden increase in school shootings across the United States over the past year.

    The updates that have been made to the school are security cameras and the IT system as well. Teachers also felt the need to be updated on safety measures and messages needed to be easily sent to them.

    “We go through a number of exercised with teachers and plan to continue those drills this year.  In some cases it’s what’s called a tabletop exercise where we think through different scenarios, other times we conduct drills to practice what we think through during the tabletop exercise,” Jeffrey Hartmann, the high school principal, said.

      The school PA’s system became an even larger necessity with all the relevance it has in communicating quickly with the whole school in dire situations.

    “PA system announcements to make it easier for staff to make emergency broadcasts, improvements in classroom door security,” Hartmann said.  

    Tom Bratten, the superintendent of Stow, also worked hard over the summer to make the school feel like a safer place.

    “We have  increased security camera coverage and all of our cameras are accessible to the police.  We will continue to add more cameras this and next year, change out some security doors, and meet quarterly with the safety committee to discuss other improvements,” Bratten said.

    Bratten and his team made it possible for us to have a larger police presence in the schools. The hope is that everyone feels protected at all times in Stow and that the schools stay out of harm’s way.