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Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review

Brianna Doctor

    Since I was little I have always loved the iconic song by Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, so of course I had to see the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, about Queen’s journey to fame.

    The film starts off in the country of England where the band originated from. You are introduced to the lead singer, Freddie Mercury, right away. Right away the film takes you to club where Mercury watches a band play. What they don’t know is he had been following them for quite some time.

    Soon after the band finishes playing, their lead singer quits. As if it were destiny, Mercury introduces himself to the other members of the band, Brian May and Roger Taylor, and tells them he would like to be apart of their band as one of the singers.

    The rest is history after that. Fast forward one year later, the band picked up a new member, John Deacon, and pays a studio to let them record a hit single.

    After hours of singing and trying different ways to create unique sounds, they land a break. Queen had been rejected multiple time, but the band finally received an offer from their first production company and soon after, release their first album.

    While band starts their journey to become famous, the film follows the love story of Mercury and his lover, Mary Austin.

    Once the album hit stores everywhere, they became well liked in the United States. As a result, Queen went on an American tour. While on tour, the film begins to focus on Mercury’s real sexuality.

    After returning to England, the band realizes they need to begin working on their next album. However, they all agree they want their next album to be different.

    The band travels to a farm in the middle of nowhere to focus on their music. Each band member writes their own songs, but trouble ensues when they dislike each others work.

    In no time, however, Mercury introduces his idea for the iconic song, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and they work together to successfully write the nearly six minute long song.

    After recording the rest of their album they named, A Night At The Opera, they pitch their hard work to a producing company. They run into another bump in the road when the producer, Ray foster, refuses to play some of their songs, including “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

    The band decides to take their music elsewhere and play it for the world themselves, and that is exactly what they did. Soon after, the world began listening to Queen.

    As Queen begins to tour the world, the film starts to focus more on Freddie Mercury and his changing personality as well as sexuallity.

    Once Queen becomes famous, Mercury starts to hang with the wrong crowd. He is introduced to the gay community by his manager, Paul Prenter, and soon begins to have an affair with him.

    At this point, things start to go sour with the band. The other band members believe Paul is a bad influence on Freddie, and they are done with how Freddie acts around them. By this time Freddie has begun to drink heavily and mess with drugs.

    The band soon splits up once Mercury decides to go solo; however, the split doesn’t last for long. Mercury realizes he does not sound the same without the rest of the members, and he finally sees that Paul has changed him and not in a positive way.

    Mercury plans to meet with the band and reunite so they can perform and the huge event, Live Aid. The band reluctantly meets with him, but in the end they decided they are better together

    The band practices for weeks as the prepare for their first performance in months together. The movie comes to a spectacular end with the insane performance they put on at Live Aid.

    Overall, the movie was very good and I very much enjoyed seeing it. I would recommend it to anyone, not just Queen fans, and I would say it is totally worth seeing.


Venom Movie Review

Hannah Bartels

    Imagine this: a giant reptile looking man with nonhuman abilities from outer space has an evil, diabolical plan to overthrow planet Earth and all of its people. The idea and type of villain sound pretty familiar. Venom is just like most hero/villian stories with a small twist.

    Venom takes place in San Francisco, California. Actor, Tom Hardy, plays Eddie Brock in the movie. Eddie is a journalist, famous for digging up dirt on public figures. He is engaged to a very skilled lawyer named Anne Weying, played by Michelle Williams.

    Everything in Eddie’s life seems to be going smooth until he makes a big slip up that leads him towards losing his job and his “soon to be” bride. Eddie’s life falls to pieces and he is swept off his feet.

    This mistake doesn’t stop Eddie from ending his personal investigation over an evil scientist by the name of Carlton Drake who does not let anything stop him from pursuing his goals. When Drake discovers an alien-like symbiote, he is determined to discover what possibilities the symbiotic can achieve.

       Eddie ends up getting so invested into his investigation, that he accidently lets a symbiote take over his body which gives him nonhuman powers and invincibility. The symbiote is Venom. Venom threatens Eddie with his life and tells him to do things that Eddie does not want to do so he can achieve his mission of overthrowing Earth.

    Drake quickly finds out what Eddie is up to and discovers that Eddie broke into his lab and stole his symbiote. Throughout the movie, he tries to get it back from him.

    Later on in the movie, Venom becomes convinced that Earth is a good place and decides that he wants to live on it with Eddie. Another evil and more powerful symbiote tries to kill Venom but Venom needs Eddie’s body to stop him from taking over Earth.

    Eddie finds out that Venom is slowly rotting his organs over the short period of time he spends in his body but is determined to stop the evil symbiote along with Venom.

    Some of the humor in Venom was somewhat corny at some points in the movie. However, the overall quality of the movie was fun, exciting and was mainly directed towards Venom and emphasizing his cool abilities.

    Venom is a great action-packed thriller for anyone who loves a twist to any superhero movie. And let’s face it, who would not want to see a movie about two giant, supernatural creatures fighting each other over planet Earth?


Top 5 Halloween Movies

Suzie Lee

    Every October people celebrate the visiting of fall; people carve up pumpkin or go trick-or-treating or bake a pumpkin pie, but mostly, watching spooky movies with friends and family is the most favorite activities to do in halloween.

    Just from the title, the “Halloween” (1978) by director John Carpenter is the most famous halloween movie to start the movie night. The horror film’s storyline follows by Michael Myers, the leading role, who killed his sister on halloween night 1963.

    “The Silence of Lamb” (1991) directed by Jonathan Demme is also notorious among critics for being strange and hair-rising throughout the movie. Movie creates a question among the human’s limitations and topic of cannibalism.

    If thriller, horror movies are not the typical go-to during halloween, “Hocus Pocus” will be a great film to watch with a family and friends who does not enjoy scary movies. “Hocus Pocus” (1993) is comedy, fantasy, family movie directed by Kenny Ortega. Three witches try to earn energy from Max, the protagonist, so they can live forever. The film gives a good laugh in between but still follows spooky atmosphere.

    Similar to “Hocus Pocus”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993) by director Henry Selick is a great family halloween movie. The movie’s age rate is PG, and exquisite animations gives endless imagination to children.

    “The Addams Family” (1991) directed by Barry Sonnenfeld is also a cult-favorite classic movie among halloween fans; the Addams family is Halloween itself.

    Halloween is coming around the corner closely, and these Halloween movies will raise up the spirit of spooky and mysterious atmosphere.