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Bernie Sanders Drops Out

Tyler Kavalecz

     On April 8, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign and dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary, all but ensuring that former Vice President Joe Biden will be the Democratic presidential candidate.

     Through the first three states that voted in the primary, Sanders was the front-runner after winning in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. At that point Sanders led in delegates with 45, while Biden was in third with 15 delegates, according to the AP.

     Biden stopped Sanders’ momentum in the turning point of the primary on February 29. Biden secured his first win of the primary in South Carolina and closed in on Sanders in delegates with Sanders standing at 60 and Biden jumping up to 54 delegates, according to the AP.

     Biden became the new front runner in the primary on the first, and biggest, Super Tuesday on March 3. Biden won 10 of the 15 states and territories that voted on March 3. 

     After Super Tuesday, Biden stood at 702 delegates, leading Sanders who was at 618 delegates, according to the AP.

     Biden had full momentum after Super Tuesday and never gave up the delegate lead. When Sanders dropped out of the primary on April 8, Biden had 1,217 delegates, while Sanders was trailing with 914, according to the AP.

     Sanders announced he was suspending his campaign and therefore dropping out of the Democratic presidential primary in a live-streamed speech on Twitter.

     “I cannot in good conscience continue to mount a campaign that cannot win and which would interfere with the important work required of all of us in this difficult hour,” Sanders said in his live-streamed speech.

     Although he dropped out of the primary and would not be a presidential candidate, Sanders added that his movement is not ending.

     “While this campaign is coming to an end, our movement is not,” Sanders said in his live-streamed speech.

     On top of stating that his path to victory was virtually impossible because of the delegate lead that Biden had built up, Sanders also congratulated Biden.

     Sanders called Biden “a very decent man who I will work with to move our progressive ideas forward,” in his live-streamed speech.

     Sanders also called for Democrats to stand together to help defeat President Trump.

     “Then together, standing united we will go forward to defeat Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in modern American history,” Sanders said.

     Although Sanders has officially dropped out of the primary, he will stay on the ballot in the states with upcoming primaries to try to amass more delegates in order to influence the party’s platform at the Democratic convention, which is currently scheduled to take place in August.

     Shortly after Sanders’ live-streamed speech, Biden stated that he would reach out to the Vermont senator and welcomed Sanders followers to join him. Biden said that he would continue dialogue with Sanders and his supporters to move forward on policy goals.

     Biden also acknowledged that Sanders has changed the dialogue and created a movement in America.

     With Sanders dropping out of the race, it all but ensures that Biden will be the Democratic presidential nominee that will face President Trump come the national presidential election later this year.

     Although Biden will not officially become the Democratic presidential nominee until he reaches 1,991 delegates, which is just over half of the total number of delegates that get awarded to candidates throughout the primary.

     On April 13, Bernie Sanders announced on Joe Biden’s twitter live-stream that he would be endorsing Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for president. 

What now for the Disney Trip?

  Amanda Ostrowski

 Stow Munroe Falls High School band trip to Disney was postponed. I feel that the decision made was the right decision to make. 

     There are alot of kids in the band and the government and Disney does not want us to get the virus or give the virus to other people. Especially because there are a lot of old people down there. 

     I am glad they decided to postpone the trip and not just cancel it completely because going to Disney was the only reason I joined the band.

     They also probably postponed the trip instead of canceling because the band can only go once every four years and they do not wanna make students and parents unhappy. 

     There are many band kids that are very upset still by this but I think people are just trying to stop the spreading and trying to protect the students and others safety. 

     Plus even if the school decided to send us to Disney it is closing anyways so we would not be able to go. 

     Even though I feel it was the right decision it is sad because of all the work band kids worked. We did extra practices and took time away from concert season to work on the music Disney gave us. 

     The band directors though really have worked hard to get this trip together and it is sad that all of their work will be postponed to a later time. I am sure they have given up a lot of time to make sure everything was set and to make sure all of the kids would have a great safe time. 

     I hope the school and the band and the local government can work all of this out and we all still be able to go to Disney World. 

     As a senior I hope for myself and my classmates that we will go to Disney soon.


How This Virus Has Taken Over

Ashley Hutchinson  

     As most of the world knows, Coronavirus (also referred to as COVID-19), is a disease that rapidly broke out at the end of 2019. While many predicted the spreading of this disease would soon come to a stop, it is actually spreading quickly and dangerously. 

     Fear and anxiety about contracting COVIS-19 has led to a major social panic. Many people live in fear that they will get the disease and avoid anyone who seems susceptible to having it. 

     In fact, a majority of the country is on self-quarantine to prevent the disease from spreading. 

     Specifically, Ohio has taken extreme measures of precaution. Schools are closed, events are canceled, and stores are rapidly running out of essential household items.

     Currently, there are 67 cases of the Coronavirus across Ohio, with more expected to come. Polls for the primary elections are even being postponed. 

     While the health of many citizens is at risk, COVID-19 also has an impact on the economy.

     The Ohio governor, Mike DeWine, has declared that all restaurants but close their dining to the public and only allow carry-out orders. 

     This can and will cause many locally owned businesses to shut down because of the lack of revenue. 

     Additionally, many people are being laid off from their jobs, with businesses and schools closing. This causes many families to lose a majority of their income, which will therefore cause the economy to fall into an even deeper recession. 

     Thankfully, schools are trying to minimize the impact of the virus as much as possible. Students are to be kept busy with online academic assignments from all of their teachers. 

     Individual schools are also making a difference by trying to provide for families as much as possible. Children who need food can receive a school lunch every day, regardless of age or family income.

     Also, schools are doing their best to provide some students with adequate technology, such as iPads or laptops. Technology is important because it allows them to stay connected with schoolwork and classmates. 

     Overall, the Coronavirus is having a major impact on the United States, with information changing every day. The best thing for people to do is to wash hands, avoid people as much as possible, and just try to stay healthy.


Local Businesses Affected by Coronavirus

    Molly Richards

     As the Corona virus consumes more and more of our daily lives, many local businesses are being affected by this pandemic. 

     One of the most impactful effects the Coronavirus has had is stripping many stores of essential products their customers need because of shopping rushes. 

     In the past week, many customers have gones to the stores for some home essentials such as toilet paper or purel, but have been unable to fin such products anywhere. 

     Big name convient stores like Target and Walmart are completely out of products because of the flood of consumers caused by recent panics of the public. 

     Many local businesses, like Corner Cup Coffee house and Stow Tavern have been closed and offering carryout because of the order put in place by Ohio’s Governor Mike Dewine. 

     However, many small businesses are trying their best to prevail through the virus. Corner Cup Coffee House posted several messages on their social media accounts reassuring customers that doors will still be open during normal business hours, but for takeout orders  and mobile order pickup only. 

     Many businesses have had to resort to only takeout orders as a response to this virus and the governments new orders. 

     Even before the complete shutdown, however, in Hudson, Yours Truly along with the majority of the other restaurants in downtown were losing sales by 50% or more. 

     And now with this shut down, many establishments have had to tell workers not to come in, which in turn prevents many workers from the service industry from getting paychecks. 

     These closings in Stow and Hudson have left many community members unemployed during this hard time.

     According to Wksu, “DeWine will sign an executive order to help the unemployed affected by the pandemic. The order will change Ohio’s unemployment law to enable workers who do not have paid-leave benefits to access unemployment benefits.”

     Although many sit down bars and restaurants have been hurt by this virus, many other food delivery services like ubereats and doordash have picked up in business.

     Some establishments in the community are still holding up against the effects the Coronavirus has had on local businesses, like Handles Ice Cream. As Handles is already technically carryout, they can remain open as long as they are following proper precautions and sanitation guidelines. 

     Even though these precautions are necessary, Dewine has said he understands the impact that these orders have on communities.

     In an article by Wksu, Dewine said, “All the actions we are taking, we are taking for this specific purpose. It is the small businesses, that in an order like this, are hurt the most. I’m fully aware of that.” 

     It is hoped that with Dewins awareness on the issue will come assistance for those businesses and individuals in the community who need the extra support during this time.