With 87 years full of rich news, The Stohion has created a news source for the communities of Stow and Munroe Falls. The first edition came to life in 1932 and was previously named The Stoic, until a name change occurred in the 1940s.  The Stohion serves as Stow-Munroe Falls High School’s official school newspaper.  Current Stohion staff members work throughout the year bringing news and information to the school and surrounding communities.  The Stohion is completely student run and funded, and the ideas represented are those of the students and not the school staff or administration. Each month, the Stohion distributes a printed newspaper to the school and community and other stories can be found on our website.

In 2020-2021, the Ohio Scholastic Media Association awarded the Stohion second place for its print edition and an honorable mention for Stohion Online.

We are aware of the @concernedstudentsofsmfhs Instagram account. The Stohion is not affiliated in any way with this account and neither supports nor opposes any content the creator may release. Our publication supports all students’ First Amendment freedom of speech and expression; however, we hold all staff members to the highest standards of journalistic integrity in all content we publish as a high school newspaper.

“This is your paper, people. It is yours to destroy or yours to build and to keep. You can, by not buying it, backing it and making constructive criticisms of it, cause it to fail; or with little co-operation and assistance, you can make it a thing of which you can be justly proud. We have done what we could, now we hand this babe to you. It will thrive on fair treatment.”

– The Stohion/The Stoic (1932)

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