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Cleveland Browns Let Down

Madie Gash

    This past weekend was an exciting one for Cleveland Brown fans. On Sunday September 9th, the Cleveland Browns took on their rival team the Pittsburgh Steelers for an intense game of football.  

    The game ended with a shocking result and an overtime, the final score was 21-21. This was exciting for Cleveland fans because the Browns finally didn’t lose, and what made it even better was that it was against the rival team, the Steelers.

    Throughout most of the game the Steelers were winning until the Browns made a comeback in the last few minutes of the game. That comeback made it very difficult for the Steelers to score the winning points.

    While the game time was withering away, two teams could not pull off a win and that was when the game then transitioned into a ten minute overtime.

    During this eventful overtime both teams had multiple opportunities to score and neither of the teams could finish what they started and the game ended in a tie. The game was shockingly played very sloppy for the two teams and the efforts were not all there. Both teams had players that could not execute and complete the plays without any disruptions.

     The Steelers blew a fourteen point lead in the fourth quarter, which is when Cleveland came back scoring fourteen points, tying the game. They also wasted their chance to take home a win when Chris Boswell missed a 42-yard field-goal with 1:44 remaining in overtime.

    The Browns also had the opportunity to score during overtime in the last .9 seconds of the game when the linebacker T.J. Watt blocked Zane Gonzalez’s 43-yard field-goal attempt. This tie gave Cleveland a lot of attention because this is the best start to a Browns season since 2004 which is fourteen year ago.

    The game also ended the Browns 17 game losing streak. In addition, it was the NFL’s first tie in Week 1 since 1971 and the league’s first overall tie.

    This game broke records and ended losing streaks in the football community and it ended up being a pretty  good way start to the 2018 Cleveland Browns season.

Poor Quality of Drinking Fountains

Lauren Rayman

    The drinking fountains at the high school have a unique quality that many students use on a day to day basis- the water bottle fillers.

    Upon arrival back from summer break, many students quickly realized that the water quality of these fillers had gone down. Many of the stations in the high school have red lights on.

    On the drinking fountains with the water bottle fillers on them, there are three lights on them- a green one, a yellow one, and a red one.

    When the green light is on, it means that the water is being filtered properly and is clean. The water is still okay to drink when the yellow light is on, but it just means that the filter will need to be replaced soon.

    The red light means that the filter is not working as it should be and needs to be replaced. The water that is being used to fill up water bottles is not as good as it should be.

    Some students have noticed that the water from the stations with the red light on does not taste as good and is sometimes cloudy. This is a result of the filters not being changed.

    Even if the water is safe to drink, the appearance of the water itself draws students away from it. Because of it’s cloudy look, some students are less inclined to drink it.

    Not only does the water not taste as good because of the filters, it is unsanitary.

    Drinking water that is not filtered properly often leads to people getting sick. There is a relatively low chance of this happening at the high school since the water going into the fountains is clean, but it is not as clean as it could and should be.

    With the red lights on on most of the drinking fountains throughout the school, students do not want to use those fountains. The filters not being changed has been very inconvenient for almost all students.

    Despite the fact that there are many drinking fountains with the water bottle fillers all around the school, students have to sometimes go all the way across the building to find a drinking fountain they feel is better to fill their bottles up with.

    Having so many drinking fountains with the water bottle fillers has been very beneficial to both the school and the environment.

    They are very easy to use, so students can quickly fill up their bottles and move on with their day. Students do not have to bring multiple plastic bottles to school, they can just refill one.

    Many students do not even use plastic water bottles anymore. Many choose to bring reusable bottles from brands like S’well and Yeti. Since so many students at the high school do this, there are less plastic bottles being thrown away within our high school.

    The installation of the water bottle fillers has been overall beneficial for the school. If the filters do not get changed soon, students may stop using them all together.

Teen Juul Epidemic

Doctor- Teen Juul Use Epidemic

    After the Chief of the FDA blamed the company, Juul, for the epidemic of teens using e-cigarettes, the vape company and four other brands must send a plan that discourages teens from buying their products within the next sixty days.

    Students all over the country have been using these products at home, at school, and other public places without parents or other adult figures knowing.

    According to CNBC, “Their products, available in sweet flavors, are popular with young people who can hide the sleek devices from parents and teachers.”

    Everyday students witness other students vaping in the hallways, classrooms, or outside of schools. Junior Emily Kuntz believes students should not be allowed to vape while they are at school.

    “They should not be used by teens because I think vaping ruins a students drive to try and do their best when they are in school,” Kuntz said.

    Although students who vape might all do it for different reasons, junior Andrew Radigan believes other students vape because they think it might make them cool.

    “Students probably vape to be cool or to fit in, but I don’t think they should be allowed to because it will get them addicted to Nicotine at a young age,” Radigan said.

    Some students might think our generation’s vaping problem is no different than previous generations’ smoking problem; however, it is much different.

    According to Business Insider, “The devices also pack a more powerful nicotine punch than traditional cigarettes: the Juul contains roughly twice the concentration as cigarettes and other vape pens.

    Another concern with the amount of Nicotine that is in a Juul is how it affects a students brain. Kids’ brains are still developing in high school, and they can be altered negatively with the use of Nicotine.

    According to Business Insider, “The crux of the problem centers on what nicotine does to the teen brain — especially in an area called the prefrontal cortex, which plays a key role in emotional control, decision making, and impulse regulation.”

    Although the vaping products are fairly easy to purchase and hide, people are wondering how parents and other adults do not see their children taking part in the addictive habit. Radigan believes parents should be more aware of what their children are doing.

    “Parents should know what is going on with their kids and what they are doing in their spare time. Parents shouldn’t be okay with their child vaping either,” Radigan said.

    So what needs to be done to fix the vaping problem? Kuntz believes adults should start putting punishments in place for when students are caught vaping.

    “Adults need to start punishing kids for vaping. They should start banning Juuls. Teachers should start giving out detentions at school, and parents should starting grounding their children,” Kuntz said.

    Vaping has become a nationwide issue for teens, and more needs to be done to prevent anymore teens from trying the new product. Both parents and companies of the product need to take part in changing the norm for teens.

    To find CNBS or Business Insider’s side of the story, visit the links for more information:

New Fan Bus For Students

Abby Kuhns- Fan Bus

    Stow’s football team played a game against Hilliard Bradley at Ashland university on August 31. Due the fact the game was an hour and a half away, Stow booster club took a fan bus down to Ashland.

    This was not the first event we have taken a fan bus to; however, it was my first fan bus experience.

    There were two fan busses with about 40 people on each one. I think taking a bus to cheer on our team was a really smart idea. It kept many teens from driving late at night and encouraged even more of the student section to attend.

    Unfortunately, this game was considered a home game so being a huge fan of the Friday night games, I would have been very disappointed not going because of the distance.

    The bus was not very crowded and Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Newseum, our chaperones, allowed everyone to choose which bus they wanted to be on, so they could sit with their friends.

    The ride down was exciting; everyone was pumped for the game. I personally fell asleep, but when I woke up someone had thrown up. Everyone felt bad for her but was also grossed out, especially people who throw up when they see puke.

    One girl was thrown up on, so she had to find a change of clothes. To add to it, someone came up with a rumor and spreading it, saying she crapped her pants even though she was actually thrown up on.

   When we got to the game, after going to Ashland high school instead of the university, we had to walk to another parking lot. At the parking lot we were supposed to get pizza and water, but the water was left on the bus, leaving a lot of us parched.

    There was pizza provided by boosters and the seniors were painting in the parking lot; however, as we arrived the game was about four minutes so a bunch of people just wanted to go in.

    Inside and throughout the game was like any other typical away game in the student section. We did tons of chants and different parts of the band came and did their songs for us to dance to.

    Everyone who rode the fan bus was having a good time despite losing by one point. Personally, I was disappointed because it was so close but no one let it bring them down.

    We got back on the bus after the game and recieved our much needed water in 85 degrees. I slept most of the way home as did many people after the upset.

    Overall, I would recommend the fan bus for high schoolers who can not drive or have restrictions and anyone in the student section who wanted to attend the game.