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Davenport Derby






Brianna Doctor

   Davenport was filled with many laughs and smiles as students from different clubs and groups showcased, as well as raced, their decorative couches.

   Eight different teamscompeted to win the overall prize. The winners received free tickets to the next Homecoming game, and they were also given the chance to sit on the sidelines in their couch at the game.

   In order to win the prize, teams had to first present their couch to the judges, and each judge gave them a point value out of ten. Next, they had to perform a cheer, and the judges proceeded to give them another point value out of ten. Finally, teams raced against other teams in a double elimination bracket. The team with the most points won.

   Out of all eight teams, team Just A Group of Friends were the winners. Their cheer and couch left the biggest impression on the judges.

   All members of the team were given free admission to the homecoming game the following day, and they were able to sit on the couch they competed with at the game.

   Junior, Jenna Anderson, is a proud member of the Just A Group of Friends team. She is glad she could experience winning Davenport with her friends.

   “I loved Davenport because it was an amazing way to spend time with my friends, even though they are all annoying and didn’t help do anything at all,” Anderson said.

    Senior, Jason Anzaldi, believes beating other opponents was the most important part of the event. He was determined to beat his peers from other teams.

    “We went into it just chilling, and then we saw Josh Blasco’s team and we knew we had to win. After that we did not lose once,” Anzaldi said.

   People who participated in Davenport were not the only ones who had fun. Students who observed, such as sophomore Mya Dietrich, also enjoyed being there.

   “Watching [the teams] was very entertaining, Their cheers were really funny and they made me laugh,” Dietrich says.

   This was Dietrich’s second time watching Davenport. The cheers were her favorite part of the competition, but she also liked seeing the students race each other. She plans on returning next year to watch.

   “I would definitely go back and watch next year because all the teams did some pretty funny stuff that made everyone laugh, and everyone just has a really fun time,” Dietrich says.

   Junior, Abbey Staats, is chair of the Davenport committee. She and other members of the committee have worked together since the end of last school year to make Davenport possible.

   “To plan it you have to find couches and then find someone to pick it up. I used Facebook and asked for free couches, and we ended up receiving 14 couches, but we only used 8,” Staats said.

    Staats believes this year’s Davenport improved from last year because of the amount of people they had signup, and they had less issues.

    “We got a lot more people to sign up, we didn’t have any couches break, we didn’t have any sound issues, and we had a lot more people come and watch,” Staats said.

    Davenport was entertaining for anyone who was watching, and was also a fun way for students to come out and participate in a friendly competition against their peers in honor of Homecoming.


Homecoming Court

IMG_3592IMG_1379IMG_3589IMG_3587Maria Leonino

    Every year, students vote people from their class to represent their grade for Homecoming court. The individuals chosen are looked up to, and it is a huge honor to be representing your class.

    Senior attendants were Homecoming king and queen, Elyse Casalinova and Maclane Stebbins. Also representing the senior class was Madie Gash, Caleb Edmondson, Jordy Ruth, Brian Cartwright, Anica Tyner and Adam Gilbow.

    “It was a great moment and feeling being chosen for court. It made me feel very proud of myself,” Gilbow said.

    For juniors, Katie Bunday, Daniel Patten, Elise Baughman and Blake Moravik were on court.

    Sophomores, Olivia Waickman and Clayton Mosher were chosen, and for freshmen Marissa Romano and Evan Droder were selected.

    “I wasn’t really expecting to be on court so when I found out I was a little shocked, but really excited for the most part,” Romano said.

    Once court was chosen, Student Council hosted a luncheon honoring and congratulating the students on court. All of the court events were organized by the committee chair Grace Laber, co-chair Maria Leonino, as well as committee members Nina Rorabaugh and Lexi Shabazz.

    “I have been apart of the court committee for four years now, and this year it was so much more fun because since I’m a senior, I was comfortable with running everything because I knew most of the people. We had some obstacles, but for the most part everything ran smoothly,” Laber said.

    Following the luncheon, the attendants went to a band practice to practice the halftime announcements and become comfortable with what to do at halftime.

    On Friday, the first event court attended was the Homecoming parade. All members of court rode in convertibles through the parade and were recognized for being chosen.

    After the parade, the students sat together under a tent for the first half waiting for halftime. Their family members came down and were able to take pictures before walking across the field.

    During halftime, all 16 court members walked across the field with their escorts. They were recognized by stating their involvement through activities at the school and their future plans.

    Most of court sat in the tent but football players Mosher, Gilbow and Cartwright were focused on the game. At halftime, the bulldogs were tied and the boys were feeling confident with their game.

    “I was focused on the game, but was still nervous thinking about halftime. I was most excited to be there with my mom and friends. The experience was heartwarming and I will remember it for the rest of my life,” Cartwright said.

    Similar to Cartwright, Bunday was also anticipating walking across the field. The moment was very special for her and her father.

    “Walking across the field with my dad was my favorite moment. We both were looking forward to it and it was a cool moment for us both with the band playing and our family in the crowd,” Bunday said.

    All members lined up across the field and the girls were given boxes with flowers, and boys were given boxes with crowns.

    Everyone opened their boxes and the girl with red roses was Homecoming queen, and the boy with a red crown was homecoming king. Casalinova and Stebbins were crowned king and queen.

    Regardless of the outcome, everyone had an enjoyable time and made a memory that will last a lifetime. Ruth especially enjoyed her senior Homecoming experience.

    “Overall I really enjoyed being on court, all of my best friends were with me and it’s nice to share that memory will all of them,” Ruth said.

    This years court festivities ran smoothly by Student Council and the members. It was a special group of students and a special moment in all of their lives.

Cleveland Browns Let Down

Madie Gash

    This past weekend was an exciting one for Cleveland Brown fans. On Sunday September 9th, the Cleveland Browns took on their rival team the Pittsburgh Steelers for an intense game of football.  

    The game ended with a shocking result and an overtime, the final score was 21-21. This was exciting for Cleveland fans because the Browns finally didn’t lose, and what made it even better was that it was against the rival team, the Steelers.

    Throughout most of the game the Steelers were winning until the Browns made a comeback in the last few minutes of the game. That comeback made it very difficult for the Steelers to score the winning points.

    While the game time was withering away, two teams could not pull off a win and that was when the game then transitioned into a ten minute overtime.

    During this eventful overtime both teams had multiple opportunities to score and neither of the teams could finish what they started and the game ended in a tie. The game was shockingly played very sloppy for the two teams and the efforts were not all there. Both teams had players that could not execute and complete the plays without any disruptions.

     The Steelers blew a fourteen point lead in the fourth quarter, which is when Cleveland came back scoring fourteen points, tying the game. They also wasted their chance to take home a win when Chris Boswell missed a 42-yard field-goal with 1:44 remaining in overtime.

    The Browns also had the opportunity to score during overtime in the last .9 seconds of the game when the linebacker T.J. Watt blocked Zane Gonzalez’s 43-yard field-goal attempt. This tie gave Cleveland a lot of attention because this is the best start to a Browns season since 2004 which is fourteen year ago.

    The game also ended the Browns 17 game losing streak. In addition, it was the NFL’s first tie in Week 1 since 1971 and the league’s first overall tie.

    This game broke records and ended losing streaks in the football community and it ended up being a pretty  good way start to the 2018 Cleveland Browns season.

Poor Quality of Drinking Fountains

Lauren Rayman

    The drinking fountains at the high school have a unique quality that many students use on a day to day basis- the water bottle fillers.

    Upon arrival back from summer break, many students quickly realized that the water quality of these fillers had gone down. Many of the stations in the high school have red lights on.

    On the drinking fountains with the water bottle fillers on them, there are three lights on them- a green one, a yellow one, and a red one.

    When the green light is on, it means that the water is being filtered properly and is clean. The water is still okay to drink when the yellow light is on, but it just means that the filter will need to be replaced soon.

    The red light means that the filter is not working as it should be and needs to be replaced. The water that is being used to fill up water bottles is not as good as it should be.

    Some students have noticed that the water from the stations with the red light on does not taste as good and is sometimes cloudy. This is a result of the filters not being changed.

    Even if the water is safe to drink, the appearance of the water itself draws students away from it. Because of it’s cloudy look, some students are less inclined to drink it.

    Not only does the water not taste as good because of the filters, it is unsanitary.

    Drinking water that is not filtered properly often leads to people getting sick. There is a relatively low chance of this happening at the high school since the water going into the fountains is clean, but it is not as clean as it could and should be.

    With the red lights on on most of the drinking fountains throughout the school, students do not want to use those fountains. The filters not being changed has been very inconvenient for almost all students.

    Despite the fact that there are many drinking fountains with the water bottle fillers all around the school, students have to sometimes go all the way across the building to find a drinking fountain they feel is better to fill their bottles up with.

    Having so many drinking fountains with the water bottle fillers has been very beneficial to both the school and the environment.

    They are very easy to use, so students can quickly fill up their bottles and move on with their day. Students do not have to bring multiple plastic bottles to school, they can just refill one.

    Many students do not even use plastic water bottles anymore. Many choose to bring reusable bottles from brands like S’well and Yeti. Since so many students at the high school do this, there are less plastic bottles being thrown away within our high school.

    The installation of the water bottle fillers has been overall beneficial for the school. If the filters do not get changed soon, students may stop using them all together.