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Cleveland Cavs Game Review

Ashley Hutchinson

      On Thurs. January 23, the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team played the Washington Wizards. The teams were fairly matched, so it was bound to be an interesting game. 

     The game was home and took place at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. The arena had recently been updated which meant that the facility was in great shape. The court itself was gorgeous and all of the concession stands looked very nice and modern.
    An events atmosphere is a very important factor in how much one enjoys the event. In my case, I really enjoyed the atmosphere. A majority of the employees were nice and everyone sitting around me was quite friendly. 

     The atmosphere of the game was also very enjoyable. There was a lot of hype and excitement, which made for a fun and entertaining game. 

     My least favorite part of attending the game was definitely the crowds. Parking was not too difficult, but the lines picked up once we were inside. It took quite  some time to get through the security and ticket lines. Also, the lines for food were pretty long. 

     Despite some of the waits, the game was still enjoyable. My favorite part was definitely the game itself. It was so entertaining and fast-paced. The cheering and the announcer made it even more exciting to watch. 

     Sadly, the Cleveland Cavaliers ended the game with a loss of 124-112. Even though they lost, the score was still close for a majority of the game. 

     Along with basketball, there were more forms of entertainment. During halftime and quarter changes, there were children and teens who performed dance routines with their studios. It kept everyone entertained during the breaks and it seemed like a great performance opportunity for the dancers. 

     I would definitely attend more Cavs games in the future. I had so much fun, both watching the game and experiencing the entertainment. The environment was so positive and intense, which makes me very compelled to come and watch more games.

Homecoming 2019

Ayla Morris

   Homecoming: the most pivotal point of most high school students’ year. Almost everyone in highschool goes to homecoming every year. A lot of people’s favorite part is dressing up.

     “I like dressing up fancy and seeing everyone else’s fancy dresses too,” junior, Claire Hawes, said. 

      Not only do students get to dress up for the dance, but they get to get excited for the dance by dressing up for spirit days.“I love spirit weeks i always go all out for every day they make school so much more fun,” Hawes said. 

     Student council plans for all the homecoming events leading up to the dance, and the dance itself. 

      “It’s very hectic with all the different committees and planning things other than StuCo stuff, but it’s really cool to see how it all comes together in the end, especially the festival”, Williams Boggs said. 

     Students enjoy taking pictures in their nice clothes and then following that with dinner. Many fancy dinner places are packed on homecoming night. 

      Homecoming also comes with court. On court there is one freshman couple, one sophomore couple, two junior couples, and four senior couples on court. Students run for all kinds of reasons. 

     “We ran because we have been dating since freshman year and have ran for court before but didn’t win. We just kept trying each year and I think it will be really fun and add to the homecoming experience,” Hawes said. 

     Many students opinions differ about the actual dance. Half of the students do not care for the music when the other half love it. It changes every year. 

   “I hope they play good music, I’m really excited to see what the dance committee puts together,” Boggs said. 

     The dance is an exciting time for everyone. Many students are excited for it. 

     “I’m excited about the dance. I am excited about hanging out with my friends,” junior, Joshua Christy, said. 

    The theme of the dance is Old Hollywood. The theme changes every year and students opinions of it always differ. 

     “It’s okay, but I don’t know what old Hollywood even means”, Christy said. 

  The dance is always a good time for many students and is sure to be again this year. 


Spirit Week Hallway Decorating


   On Sunday, Sept. 22, there was a hallway decorating competition among the classes from 1-4pm. Each graduating class was invited to come help decorate their hallway to try and win spirit week points. 

     Each class was assigned a different hallway; therefore, each hallway of the school would be decorated in Stow spirit for homecoming week.

     Student Council provided all the decorations for each of the grades and each class had free range to decorate the hallways as they saw fit with only a few restrictions.

    A few of the restrictions were: tape could not be on any painted surface, no paint on window and no paint on the lockers.

     Each class followed these rules, and made the hallways very unique and different. They added some ideas that some of the other classes did not do.

     Sophomore, Mariah Propst, thought it was a good way to have kids be able to express their creativity if kids didn’t want to dress up; however, the hallways could have been more unique if more of a variety of supplies were provided.

     “It could be a better way for students to express their creativity if we could bring in our own decorations, or if more of a variety was provided,” Propst said. 

     Since all the kids in the high school were invited to come help, there were a variety of unique ideas added to each hallway. Some kids handled different aspects of the hallway; however, they all worked as a team to complete the hallway.

     Hallway decorating is a fun way for all students to be able to come together and try and earn spirit week points. Student Council also ordered pizza and water for the kids to enjoy while they were decorating. 

     A new idea added this year to be more creative was a banner. Each grade had to decorate their own class banner in a unique way place it in their hallway. 

     Although each hallway is decorated with maroon and gold, the theme for homecoming gets incorporated even if it is a small way.

     “We always try and incorporate the theme even if it is small. For example, the sophomores used the streamers to make curtain like designs like they had in Old Hollywood,” said Propst.

     The hallway decorating competition was won by the sophomore class giving them 15 spirit points, putting them in the lead for the class competition. It will also bring them more excitement for the pep rally on Friday.