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‘The Boy’–review

By Lexi Gray

‘The Boy’ is a mystery thriller movie about a doll who comes to life and contains an incredible plot with jump scares. Rated PG13, this movie would be a great first scary movie for anyone wanting to try it out.

‘The Boy’ takes place in a small town in England when a young girl, Greta, accepts a job as a nanny in a mansion to help her escape her past life and have some time alone. The mansion is old, ginormous and contains many secrets.

Greta is a sweet and caring girl who is looking forward to babysitting to earn some extra money. She soon finds out that the child is a doll, about the size of an 8-year-old, named Brahms.

The parents act as though the doll is alive in order to help them deal with the death of their son 20 years prior. The parents do not explain to Greta about their past lives. During the job, Greta meets another character named Malcolm, and they soon start to fall in love.

While Greta is taking care of the doll, she does not follow strict orders from her parents, which leads to unexplainable and unfortunate events throughout the movie. Greta’s looseness causes her to believe the doll is alive. Greta faces new challenges as she discovers the truth about the doll and the mansion.

‘The Boy’ is a movie with an unexpected plot twist that will leave the audience breathless and in thought. This adventurous and suspenseful movie will make many want to keep watching and leaves no cliffhangers.

Netflix struggles financially as they lose viewers

By: Shea Sullivan / Staff Writer

    Netflix, one of the most popular streaming services, is in trouble. It is currently $4.84 billion in debt, and is losing contracts with many popular channels.

    Disney has announced that it is ending it’s contract with Netflix and will start its own streaming service starting in 2019, taking all of the Disney shows and movies off of Netflix.

    Of course, Netflix has many popular original shows such as “Stranger Things,” “Thirteen Reasons Why” and “House of Cards,” to name a few, but for the viewers those do not make up for the all the shows Netflix has taken off, and will continue to take off.

    Hulu, another extremely popular streaming service is taking advantage of Netflix’s struggles. For example, “30 Rock,” and many food network shows that have been taken off of netflix have been picked up on Hulu with additional shows to come.

    Netflix still has more viewers than other streaming services like Hulu and amazon prime, but Hulu especially is gaining ground, and may surpass Netflix while Hulu continues to add, and Netflix continues to drop.

    Recently, Spotify and Hulu paired up and announced that for only five dollars a month, students can receive Spotify premium and Hulu plus for 12 months. This can benefit Hulu greatly and may hurt Netflix even more.

    However, Netflix just announced that they invested $400 million into Canadian film TV production which may bring in a generous amount of money for the streaming service. Netflix will be working with Canadian producers and will even start making shows and films in French, but will that keep Netflix from falling below Hulu?

    Netflix has a few new seasons of it’s original shows coming back in October like “Stranger Things” season two, and “Haters Back Off” season two. Besides those two, there are not many other well-known shows joining the service this October

    Despite Netflix having two new seasons of two popular originals coming back, the focus seems to be on the shows leaving Netflix in October. These shows include but are not limited to “Malcolm in the Middle,” “One Tree Hill,” “Bones” and “Family Guy.”

    As of now, Netflix seems to have a risky and unpredictable future on the line with billions of dollars of debt. It is hard to predict where the most popular streaming service will go down.     

The Fate of the Furious movie review

By: Mandy Grimm / Staff Writer

    The movie was full of action and outbursts of unexpected happenings. I would definitely recommend this movie to others that like action and comedy movies.

     This movie is the eighth of the series and the other seven movies are all creative and have lots of details. The movies is about people who like to race fast cars and use their talent to help the city become a better and safer place. They may do a couple of illegal things here and there but all in all they are great movies.

     In this last movie The Fate of the Furious the main character Dom is recruited to the enemy side and is taunted by his baby that he did not know he had. He is not allowed to have his baby until he does everything his bosses tell him to do.

      His ex-teammates are all very confused why Dom is now going against them. Some parts of the movie that I did not like were when Cipher the main evil hacker killed many people for no reason whatsoever. She was the person behind all of the harsh activity that her and her crew were doing.

     The main rampage of the movie was over a nuclear bomb that both teams wanted one team was to do good with it and the other wanted to harm lots of people with it. There is also a part where they are all driving their cars on ice and the bad guys are on a submarine that is breaking the ice. The submarine blows up and none of the ice melts. I thought that was weird because when it’s super hot ice melts, but the ice did not melt at all.

     The parts of the movie that gave me the most joy was when Shaw a friend of Dom’s captured the baby and put headphones on him while he was fighting the bad guys and the baby was just smiling the whole time because he could not hear any of the battle. I also enjoyed when Dom finally got to hold his baby for the first time he was a really, and when their whole friend group that they call a family was together at last with Dom and everyone else, happy and enjoying themselves.

     All of the actors are incredibly gifted. I think that the movie could use a little help on when someone that was close to the group dies to show the group’s emotions and how they are reacting to death. The producers are very good at the car action scenes. The way the actors drive the cars makes it seem like they have been doing it all their lives especially when it shows them using the different foot pedals and gears.

I Wrote This For You book review

By: Mya Cannon / Editor

      I Wrote This For You is a story written by an anonymous author who goes by pleasefindthis. The book is a collection of 186 different short poems divided into four different groups: sun, moon, stars and rain.

    The book’s description gives you a preview of how emotional it will be.  The description starts out with,

    “I need you to understand something. I wrote this for you. I wrote this for you and only you.” This line creates not only mystery and suspense but it also creates a feeling of sympathy for the author from the reader.

     The author relates all of the poems he or she has written in I Wrote This For You back to the one person they want to read this book.  They call this person ‘you’. The author says in the description,

    “Everyone else who reads it, doesn’t get it. They may think they get it, but they don’t,” I think this shows the personal meaning behind the book and how each poem can mean something different to each person that reads them.

    Each poem seems to tell a short story of heartbreak and regret, a poem from the book is called  ‘The Skeletons In The Sea’, “Truth is the last thing I can take because it’s the last thing you took.”

     One of the main feelings I get from this poem is sorrow because what I think it means is that someone lied to the author right before they left him or her.

    All of the poems in I Wrote This For You  have very deep meanings to them, even though most of the poems are only one or two sentences, occasionally there is a poem that is a couple of paragraphs long.

   My favorite poem from I Wrote This For You is called ‘The Children Of Time’, a line from this is,

    “Sunday knows she’s the end. But she closes her eyes, and she pretends with all the strength in her tiny heart that really, she’s the dawn.”

I believe that this line shows that even when you know something probably will not end up going right in a situation you should still have hope because you really do not know for sure how something will turn out in the end.

     Overall I Wrote This For You is a really great book that everyone should read.