Joshua’s looks for live entertainment

 The high school is fortunate to play host to its very own restaurant, Joshua’s. Joshua’s is open to all students and staff, as well as members from the community.

   The staff of Joshua’s has recently decided they would like to bring in more student talent to showcase in the restaurant. The high school has many students associated with different talents that could be featured in the restaurant.

   “Our high school has a wealth of talent in music, arts, vocal, theater, as well as other gifts.  We want Joshua’s to be a showcase for not only our culinary students but high school students who want to showcase their abilities.” Joshua’s culinary team member Tracey Lee said.

    Joshua’s has a large customer rate, with not only students dining and working there but also parents and members of the community deciding to eat there. The culinary team consisting of Tracey Lee, Teresa Ursetti and Chef Giangaspero decided that they would like to allow these people to witness firsthand some of the many talents of students at the high school.

    Currently, Joshua’s restaurant already hosts pieces of art from Mrs. Surrena’s up-cycled art class and Mr. Pierce’s photography class. Surrena’s students made flower balls out of skewers and old books, some of which are hanging in the restaurant for decoration. Pierce’s students also have some of their photography on the walls around the restaurant. The staff is always on the lookout for more talents to showcase, whether they be in art, photography, or other specialties.

    The culinary team is always looking for more students to show off their talents. The team would like to welcome any talent from any student in hopes of making the restaurant welcoming for everyone. They ask students who are interested to contact Tracey Lee Chef G or Teresa Ursetti.


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