Twenty One Pilots does artistic fantastically

Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun make up the band, Twenty One Pilots, which can be described by one word: artistic.

The two band members do things a little differently in regards to music and shows; for example, wearing a ski mask while performing as a way to symbolize the removal of the wall in between who we really are and who we portray ourselves to be.

Joseph and Dun refer to their fans as a clique and focus heavily on the needs of their fan base. The duo even went as far as changing their classic, thick line symbol to a thin line, text version because their fans used the text version in their biographies on social media.

Keeping the clique in higher spirits, Twenty One Pilots realizes the impact they can have on the lives of those listening. Joseph writes lyrics which discuss conquering anxiety and depression.

The band has worked on keeping listeners alive and happy since 2009 where Joseph formed a band with Nick Thomas and Chris Salih in Columbus. Salih and Thomas eventually left because of their busy schedules in 2011, which lead Joseph to find current drummer, Dun.

Self­-titled album, “Twenty One Pilots,” was released in 2009 and is the only project Salih and Thomas worked on. The album was independently released and introduces Joseph’s powerful songwriting abilities.

“You like to sleep alone. It’s colder than you know because your skin is so used to colder bones. It’s warmer in the morning than what it is at night. Your bones are held together by your nightmares and your frights,” Joseph wrote in “The Pantaloon.”

These lyrics emphasis the need to address a problem rather than continue to ignore it and allow room for the issue to grow and become worse.

The second album released ceased availability. Titled, “Regional at Best,” the album made an appearance in 2011. “Regional at Best” is commonly known amongst longtime, more dedicated fans because a copy of the album is difficult to find or listen to.

Although “Regional at Best” is hidden among the other albums produced, the songs on the album are the rough drafts of what would soon be remastered and put onto their third album, “Vessel.” A popular song, “Kitchen Sink” was not remastered and features Joseph’s brother, Zack.

“Vessel” was released in 2013 and is the band’s first produced album through a record label, Fueled by Ramen. The label helped the success of Twenty One Pilots expand, but the band remained the same as they were before signing with Fueled by Ramen.

A favored and powerful song on “Vessel” is “Holding on to You.” In this song, Joseph sings of taking control of the demons inside and removing the pain rather than letting the problems take over.

Joseph writes, “Fight it. Take the pain; ignite it. Tie a noose around your mind loose enough to breathe fine and tie it to a tree and tell it, ‘You belong to me. This ain’t a noose. This is lease, and I have news for you: you must obey me.’”

The band is also working on a new album titled, “Blurryface,” which is rumored to explore the darker side of Joseph and Dun. A single, “Fairly Local,” was released recently with the album set to release on May 19.

Following the release of their single, Joseph tweeted, “If you think you know what is coming after hearing one song, nope.”

Twenty One Pilots will start their world tour following the release of “Blurryface” and will play at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus on Sept. 18.


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