Joshua’s fresh food serves as wonderful alternative

From fresh foods to fast service, a restaurant in the school is known as a great place to eat a tasty meal. Joshua’s strives to new levels as it trains students for the Culinary Arts program.

With the objective to train all students in all areas of the demanding and competitive world of restaurant management and basic cooking techniques, Joshua’s welcomes all people on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to come eat a great meal.

If students need a break from the basic school lunches from the cafeteria, I suggest taking a walk a little bit further down the hall to Joshua’s Restaurant. They have a dine-in option and a to-go option.

“Our seasonal menu is quite popular. It follows farm-to-table food herds and changes three times throughout the year,” Instructor Tracy Lee said.

With an addition of all year meals that are classic hits, people would definitely be satisfied. Most commonly bought items are the house made chips, fresh fries and the chicken tenders basket.

They also offer a salad bar and soups. Desserts that could melt in ones mouth might catch their eyes, too.

“A lot of people really like the Joshua’s Killer Brownie. It’s a more popular dessert,” Assistant Instructor Teresa Ursetti said.

All the foods on the menu are fresh every week and are very good.

Take a break from that basic school lunch and take a trip to Joshua’s.


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