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Bernie Sanders Drops Out

Tyler Kavalecz

     On April 8, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign and dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary, all but ensuring that former Vice President Joe Biden will be the Democratic presidential candidate.

     Through the first three states that voted in the primary, Sanders was the front-runner after winning in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. At that point Sanders led in delegates with 45, while Biden was in third with 15 delegates, according to the AP.

     Biden stopped Sanders’ momentum in the turning point of the primary on February 29. Biden secured his first win of the primary in South Carolina and closed in on Sanders in delegates with Sanders standing at 60 and Biden jumping up to 54 delegates, according to the AP.

     Biden became the new front runner in the primary on the first, and biggest, Super Tuesday on March 3. Biden won 10 of the 15 states and territories that voted on March 3. 

     After Super Tuesday, Biden stood at 702 delegates, leading Sanders who was at 618 delegates, according to the AP.

     Biden had full momentum after Super Tuesday and never gave up the delegate lead. When Sanders dropped out of the primary on April 8, Biden had 1,217 delegates, while Sanders was trailing with 914, according to the AP.

     Sanders announced he was suspending his campaign and therefore dropping out of the Democratic presidential primary in a live-streamed speech on Twitter.

     “I cannot in good conscience continue to mount a campaign that cannot win and which would interfere with the important work required of all of us in this difficult hour,” Sanders said in his live-streamed speech.

     Although he dropped out of the primary and would not be a presidential candidate, Sanders added that his movement is not ending.

     “While this campaign is coming to an end, our movement is not,” Sanders said in his live-streamed speech.

     On top of stating that his path to victory was virtually impossible because of the delegate lead that Biden had built up, Sanders also congratulated Biden.

     Sanders called Biden “a very decent man who I will work with to move our progressive ideas forward,” in his live-streamed speech.

     Sanders also called for Democrats to stand together to help defeat President Trump.

     “Then together, standing united we will go forward to defeat Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in modern American history,” Sanders said.

     Although Sanders has officially dropped out of the primary, he will stay on the ballot in the states with upcoming primaries to try to amass more delegates in order to influence the party’s platform at the Democratic convention, which is currently scheduled to take place in August.

     Shortly after Sanders’ live-streamed speech, Biden stated that he would reach out to the Vermont senator and welcomed Sanders followers to join him. Biden said that he would continue dialogue with Sanders and his supporters to move forward on policy goals.

     Biden also acknowledged that Sanders has changed the dialogue and created a movement in America.

     With Sanders dropping out of the race, it all but ensures that Biden will be the Democratic presidential nominee that will face President Trump come the national presidential election later this year.

     Although Biden will not officially become the Democratic presidential nominee until he reaches 1,991 delegates, which is just over half of the total number of delegates that get awarded to candidates throughout the primary.

     On April 13, Bernie Sanders announced on Joe Biden’s twitter live-stream that he would be endorsing Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for president. 


Impact of Kobe Bryant

Brianna Doctor

     On Sunday, Jan. 26, five-time NBA champion, Kobe Bryant, passed away in a tragic plane crash along with his daughter, Gianna Bryant. 

     On the way to a youth basketball tournament, the helicopter crashed into a field. There were nine people on board, and all of them died in the crash.

     The other victims of the crash included John Altobelli along with his wife Keri and daughter Alyssa, Christina Mauser, Sarah Chester, Payton Chester, and pilot Ara Zobayan. 

     Unfortunately, the families of the victims did not receive the tragic news until after the media had released the story. 

     Famous media outlet, TMZ, was the first to release the news of the deaths. People took to Twitter and other social media outlets to express their anger over the situation. 

     Actress Ellen Pompeo released a tweet on Tuesday accusing TMZ and its founder of displaying abusive and inconsiderate behavior. 

     “So many questions I have …if we are not tolerating abuse anymore… shouldn’t we be calling this out? Exploiting women who have been abused… exploiting the brutal sudden death of peoples loved ones is certainly emotional abuse… I call times up on his behavior,” Pompeo tweeted. 

     In addition to Pompeo, comedian Ellen Degeneres criticized the news outlet for their inconsiderate actions on her show. 

     TMZ was not the only news outlet to cause an uproar over social media, BBC News released a video of basketball superstar Lebron James instead of Kobe Bryant while broadcasting the news of Bryant’s death.

     Furthermore, ABC News falsely reported that all four of Bryant’s daughters died in the helicopter crash. To top it all off, the country’s president tweeted inaccurate information about the number of people in the crash.

     When it comes to tragedies, media outlets will also take less time to gather true facts and more time on being the ones to report the story first; however, the death of Bryant and his daughter among the seven others killed demonstrated the true nature of media. 

     Consideration for the families was evidently not there for the reports of TMZ, and the Los Angeles police department made it very clear how disgusted they were.

     In a recent statement by Sheriff Alex Villanueva, he scolded TMZ for the the extent of their actions, and he explained how disappointed he was.

     “It would be extremely disrespectful to understand that your loved one… perished and you learn about it from TMZ. That is just wholly inappropriate,” Villanueva said.

     Overall, although it is the media’s job to inform the public about breaking news stories, they should be more considerate of the people that each story impacts to avoid situations like this.  

Coronavirus Update

Jacob Doctor

     Coronavirus hits Ohio. There have been new cases popping up in colleges around Ohio; students have been contracting the virus.

     Symptoms of the CoronaVirus are similar to that of the flu: cough, fatigue, runny nose, and sneezing. In worst cases the symptoms go as far as a fever and sore throat (Medical News Today). 

     Researchers have speculated where the CoronaVirus originated from. The location the virus originated from China.

     An actual source for the virus is still not completely known; however, researchers have been able to link the virus to one of two sources.

     “Newly developed Corona Viruses in China may originate from bats or snakes according to the analysis of the genome of the virus,” WN Observer explained.

    Students have contracted the virus in several different locations: Athens, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Kent, and Toledo.

     Students were a part of the study abroad program and contracted the virus overseas or on an airplane. They then brought back over to their college campus.

      College campuses are not closing down; however, some students are taking precautions. Students will wear masks around the campus and some will even wear quarantine suits.

     Some college campuses are trying to limit the interaction with the virus. The Ohio State University is trying to prevent the virus from spreading as well.

     “Ohio State University will temporarily restrict university-sponsored travel to China for all faculty, staff and students amid the recent outbreak of coronavirus,” The University stated.

     CoronaVirus is severe enough for some places to postpone events or even cancel them. They want to keep the outbreak from spreading if possible.

    “Two basketball games have been postponed at Miami (Ohio) after the school announced two students may have been exposed to the coronavirus,” Miami University commented.

     People have gotten seriously ill from the CoronaVirus. In China, 170 people have died and over 8000 people have come down with the illness.


     Since people do not know who has the virus, they should just try and be as clean and healthy as possible. Lowering the ability of the virus spreading, will contain the outbreak.

     Studies have shown that there are not just one form of the CoronaVirus. There are multiple different kinds and most of them share the same symptoms.

     “Human coronaviruses are common throughout the world. Seven different coronaviruses can infect people and make them sick. Some human coronaviruses were identified many years ago and some have been identified recently. Human coronaviruses commonly cause mild to moderate illness in people worldwide. Two new human coronaviruses, MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV, have been known to frequently cause severe illness,” Center for Disease Control stated.

     Citizens of Ohio need to take precautions for the virus, wash their hands, and stay healthy in hopes of stopping the spreading. If people have any other questions they can click this link for more information:  

Winter Games recap

By Shea Sullivan

    The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, came to an end on February 25. History was made by many, surprises occurred and the Olympic spirit struck the world.

    Starting at the opening ceremonies, North and South Korea marched in together under a unified Korea flag for the first time since the countries have been divided. North and South Korea also competed together as one hockey team, which brought hope to both countries despite losing in the first game.

    Russia walked in under the Olympic flag, not permitted to wear any patriotic colors, and they were listed as “Olympic Athletes from Russia” (OAR) as punishment for doping in 2014.

    Moving on to the medal count, Norway dominated the Olympics winning a total of 39 medals, the most medals ever won by a country at a single Winter Olympics, bleacher report stated.

    Germany came in second, winning a total of 31 medals. Germany was expected to win the most gold medals, and they did, but Norway tied with them, both winning 14 gold medals.

    Canada finished third in the medal count, winning 29 total medals, 11 which were gold. The United States finished behind Canada, winning 23 total medals, 9 gold.

    Shockingly, the Olympic Athletes from Russia won 17 medals, but only two of them were gold. Those two gold medals were won in hockey and women’s figure skating.

    In hockey, the United States women’s team beat Canada in a shocking upset for the first time in 20 years. The game went into overtime and the United States eventually scored in a shootout, securing the gold.

    These Winter Olympics were not the best for the United States in figure skating. The U.S. only won bronze in the team event and bronze in ice dance thanks to Maia and Alex Shibutani.

    However, this U.S. figure skating team broke history multiple times despite only winning two bronze medals.

    Mirai Nagasu became the first American woman to land the triple axel at the Olympics, Nathan Chen became the first person to land five quads in a program, Vincent Zhou landed the first quad lutz at the Olympics, the Shibutanis were the first pair of Asian descent to medal in ice dance and Adam Rippon was one of the first openly gay men to win a medal in figure skating.

    Yet the most history breaking story the US might remember from these is Olympics is finally winning cross country skiing gold. Jessie Diggins and Kikkan Randall became the first Americans to ever win this event at the Olympics.

    Snowboard big air make its Olympic debut in PyeongChang. In the men’s event, Canadian Sebastien Toutant took gold, with American Kyle Mack earning silver. American Jamie Anderson also took silver in the women’s event.

    Lindsey Vonn was the favorite to take the gold in downhill skiing and win a medal in the combined event; however, it did not work out that way. Vonn finished third in downhill and was disqualified in the combined.

    Mikaela Shiffrin was victorious in the giant slalom and also took home a silver in the combined event.

    One of the biggest shocks of the Olympics was made by the Czech Republic’s Ester Ledecka. Ledecka became the first athlete to medal in two different sports at the Olympics, but even more astonishing, she won gold in both events: super-G and snowboarding parallel giant slalom.

    Curling caught the world’s attention at these Olympics. Curling has been a medal event in the Olympics since 1998, but it never seemed to catch attention until it arrived in PyeongChang.

    The United States has not won a gold in only four events at the Winter Olympics, curling was one until these Olympics. The men’s US curling team defeated the favorites, Sweden, in the gold medal match. Sweden, however, won in the women’s event with South Korea taking silver.

    The host country historically does better at their own Olympic, and South Korea definitely did. This was their most successful Olympics, winning 17 medals, 5 of which were gold.

    However, the Olympics are not just about winning medals. They are about the world putting their difference aside and coming together, even if that means playing just one hockey game.