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Chicago News Channel Blooper

By Lindsey Ryan

The 2018 Winter Olympics are currently being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. This is the first time South Korea has hosted the Winter Olympics; they have been fighting for their spot to host for many years. 2018 was their time to shine for the Games. News channels have been covering the Games and all of their highlights since they began February 8. One news channel in particular made a mistake while covering the Pyeongchang Olympics.

On a news channel in Chicago, the graphics coordinator was confused and accidentally placed “P.F. Chang 2018” as the graphic behind anchor Mark Rivera. According to, Jayme Nicholas, a spokeswoman for the news station, apologized for the image and told the Chicago Tribune the graphic was merely a “mix-up.” The “P.F. Chang 2018” graphic was supposed to be used for a “satirical piece” that sports anchor Mark Giangreco created Friday.

The graphic, however, was then accidentally used for the real news on the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the station said. The “P.F. Chang 2018” graphic brought an onslaught of mockery on social media, with many first questioning if it was real.

“P.F. Chang’s.. Bringing the world together in 2018,” one user wrote.

P.F Chang’s official twitter tweeted, “Contrary to this broadcast, we’re not hosting the games.”

Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday Collide

By Suzie Lee

     The two opposite holidays, Valentine’s day and Ash Wednesday ironically overlapped on the same day.

    Ash Wednesday is a seasonal holiday of church signaling the start of Lent in Christianity. Christians think of the meaning of Lent by meditating Christ’s affliction for 40 days by putting ashes on his forehead and making a confession of sin.

     However this year, the Valentine’s Day, a holiday that couples send chocolates and flowers to each other, fell on Ash Wednesday resulting in controversy between the two events.

    During Valentine’s Day, people buy rose bouquets and chocolate-covered strawberries to celebrate their love to each other.

    The problem is on Ash Wednesday, a day for fasting and self denial, those gifts are considered extravagant.

    Priests say the words to parishioners during the ceremony, “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

    The last time this concurrence of holidays happened was in 1945, and it is expected to meet again at 2024 and again in 2029.     

      Last year, the Lenton Friday fell on the same day as Saint Patrick’s Day, a similar to situation this year, but some dioceses made decisions to permit Catholics to eat corn beef.

    From this conflict, many people decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day one day earlier among with Mardi Gras, known as Fat Tuesday.

    Although any specific decisions are not arising at the moment for Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday, the people resolved in different ways to respect and celebrate the events.


Apple announces new iPhone with capabilities

As bigger screens and slimmer bodies are increasing in popularity amongst large phone companies, such as Apple and Samsung, many people enjoying pocket-sized phones are finding themselves at a loss. Apple has just released their new phone, the iPhone SE, which plans on appealing to small-phone users.

 Apple held an event on March 21, and they announced the release of a new iPhone amongst updates to the Apple Watch and Macbook laptops. The new phone was geared towards those who did not want the 4.7 or 5.5 screen found in the iPhone 6 and 6S models.

While the other phones are seemingly increasing in size as each generation is created and released, the iPhone SE brings a familiarity to owners of the 5S model that debuted on Sept. 30, 2013 as the screens and width size are identical. The only changing aspect in appearance of the phone is the new color option, rose gold, which was introduced during the release of the iPhone 6.

On the inside of the phone, everything is different. The processor is now upgraded to match that of the iPhone 6S along with support for the new iOS9 software, which means the user will now have quicker LTE and wifi reception. Battery life has also increased to 10 days on standby.

In regards to the camera, the new iPhone now includes a 12-megapixel camera with a plethora of ways to adjust lighting and exposure in order to maintain the ideal shot. The front-facing camera, however, has maintained the same 1.2-megapixel amount as seen in the 5S model, which is drastically different than the 5-megapixel camera found in the 6S model.

Various other aspects, such as Live Photo and video qualities, have also remained in the same between the two models, but the SE does not include the ability to zoom in on the display screen or have 3D Touch capabilities.

The iPhone 6S prices begin at $649.00 for the lowest storage capacity model; however, the iPhone SE models begin at $399.00 for 16GB of storage and $499.00 for 64GB.

Beautiful vacation destinations destroyed by litter

The world is full of beautiful places where tourists flock to. Due to this exces- sive tourism in these locations, such as the Maldives, have been defaced with trash left behind.

According to Sophia Forbes of Yahoo Travel, seven billion people that produce 1.7 billion tons of trash each year inhabit Earth. These statistics are only going to go up as 100,000 people are born each day. By the year of 2025, the amount of waste produced annually will exceed 2.2 billion tons.

This alarming amount of trash is not always properly disposed, resulting in a build up of unwanted trash. Waste is starting to infiltrate glorious getaway spots and destroying their beauty.

According to Sophia Forbes of Yahoo Travel, “More than 750,000 people head to the Maldives every year bringing an influx in waste with them.”

Tourism is the main cause of the destruction of significant historical and beautiful destinations.

“Waste buildup around the world is disgusting and is a major cause for the destruction of major destination spots. Something needs to be done or the world will have no tourist spots left,” senior Aaron Gates said.

Beautiful places have been destroyed by trash build up. In 1992, the government allocated an island in the Maldives, Thilafushi.

According Sophia Forbes of Yahoo travel, Thilafushi was used from 1992-2011 as a dump for all of the countries waste. “The Rubbish Island” used to be a beautiful lagoon

with coral reefs and crystal clear waters. Now, it is a toxic dump containing more than 124 acres of trash trans- ported and burned daily.

“I think it’s horrible that a beautiful place like this island was used as a dump for so long. The island won’t recover from constant dumping and won’t return to it’s previous state of beauty,” freshman Lauren Vandenbush said.

The island became a major bio-hazard as toxic waste and smoke filled the air. Dumping on the island stopped in 2011 after ships began dumping waste into the ocean.

Thilafushi is just one example of how trash buildup across the world has ruined beautiful places. Surprisingly, Mount Everest has become a trash heap as well. Each year, roughly 300 people attempt to scale Mount Everest. Over the years climbers have left a trail of waste leading to the mountain being called, “the world’s highest junkyard.”

Climbers of Mount Everest have left behind equipment, tents, plastic bottles, clothes and a disgusting amount of human feces in base camps and climbing routes. The toxins on the mountain threaten the ecosystem and surrounding areas, which could spread disease to local communities living by the mountain.

Trash buildup across the world is a major problem and threatens the lives of many.