Coronavirus Update

Jacob Doctor

     Coronavirus hits Ohio. There have been new cases popping up in colleges around Ohio; students have been contracting the virus.

     Symptoms of the CoronaVirus are similar to that of the flu: cough, fatigue, runny nose, and sneezing. In worst cases the symptoms go as far as a fever and sore throat (Medical News Today). 

     Researchers have speculated where the CoronaVirus originated from. The location the virus originated from China.

     An actual source for the virus is still not completely known; however, researchers have been able to link the virus to one of two sources.

     “Newly developed Corona Viruses in China may originate from bats or snakes according to the analysis of the genome of the virus,” WN Observer explained.

    Students have contracted the virus in several different locations: Athens, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Kent, and Toledo.

     Students were a part of the study abroad program and contracted the virus overseas or on an airplane. They then brought back over to their college campus.

      College campuses are not closing down; however, some students are taking precautions. Students will wear masks around the campus and some will even wear quarantine suits.

     Some college campuses are trying to limit the interaction with the virus. The Ohio State University is trying to prevent the virus from spreading as well.

     “Ohio State University will temporarily restrict university-sponsored travel to China for all faculty, staff and students amid the recent outbreak of coronavirus,” The University stated.

     CoronaVirus is severe enough for some places to postpone events or even cancel them. They want to keep the outbreak from spreading if possible.

    “Two basketball games have been postponed at Miami (Ohio) after the school announced two students may have been exposed to the coronavirus,” Miami University commented.

     People have gotten seriously ill from the CoronaVirus. In China, 170 people have died and over 8000 people have come down with the illness.


     Since people do not know who has the virus, they should just try and be as clean and healthy as possible. Lowering the ability of the virus spreading, will contain the outbreak.

     Studies have shown that there are not just one form of the CoronaVirus. There are multiple different kinds and most of them share the same symptoms.

     “Human coronaviruses are common throughout the world. Seven different coronaviruses can infect people and make them sick. Some human coronaviruses were identified many years ago and some have been identified recently. Human coronaviruses commonly cause mild to moderate illness in people worldwide. Two new human coronaviruses, MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV, have been known to frequently cause severe illness,” Center for Disease Control stated.

     Citizens of Ohio need to take precautions for the virus, wash their hands, and stay healthy in hopes of stopping the spreading. If people have any other questions they can click this link for more information:  


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