Cats Movie Review

Ayla Morris

      The movie “Cats” has become very opinionated. It has a bad rating and was only 50 minutes long. 

        “Cats” was also called a cringe worthy, disturbing, unsettling, awkward, boring, creepy and bad acting movie.

     The overall rating was two and a half stars out of five. The plot was mainly centered around cats.

      “There’s these street cats that are entering a contest every year to be reborn by the main cat,” junior

Jessica Tyner says, “but there’s some guy cat who keeps stealing them so he can be reborn and in the end he doesn’t win and this homeless cat does,” junior Jessica Tyner says. 

        Tyner also believes this was one of the best movies she has ever seen. While as junior, Sydney cravens thinks differently. 

       “I’m still unsure of the plot. It was just so, so confusing,” Cravens says

     While Tyner believes this was one of the best movies, Cravens does not even get the basic plot of the movie. Tyner really believes Cats was a life changing movie for her.

         “It was just fantastic, the plot, the acting, the costumes, I loved it!” Tyner says. 

       While Tyner was so passionate about the movie, Cravens still believes the movie was awful and confusing.

      “Plot was too hard to follow. No no dialect only songs. Awkward acting,” Cravens says. 

         Many people agree with Cravens on this. Prahlad Srihari also thinks cats was not a good movie. 

         “Cats is not so bad, it’s good. It’s just plain bad,” Srihari says in Firstpost. 

       Many people agree with Srihari that cats is so bad. However there were famous actors in cats. These actors include Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Rebel Wilson, James Corden, and many more. 

       A problem with the movie night have been how the characters looked. They made people feel very uncomfortable and uneasy. 

       Another reason might be because it was purely meant for children. Since the movie is rated PG. If it was just children who rated it maybe it would have gotten a better review. 

       The movie also could have done better with better songs. If it had better songs more people could have liked it much better than they did originally. 


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