Marijuana Usage in Ohio

Cailah Nguyen

     States all across the country are legalizing recreational use of marijuana, Ohio however does not have plans to follow the other states soon. Currently, Ohio has legalized the medical use of marijuana for 21 conditions approved by the state.

     Ohio was not one of the first states to take action on marijuana bills. The state is following the steps taken by the nation. Ballots allow voters to vote on certain topics and bills, but it is estimated that there will not be a bill for the recreational use of marijuana until 2020.

     A program set specifically for the marijuana use has been in plan and meeting for quite some time before the law was legalized for medical use. The governor of Ohio was opposed to the plan on the ballot in 2015. 

     The states that have a legal marijuana market and distribution gain a lot of money from the purchase of marijuana. Advocates in Ohio still try to make an effort to get Ohio to change its laws. They are very active and their protests and actions may help support a cannabis law change in the future.

     Marijuana legalization is a controversial topic that brings up many different opinions. The health benefits and drawbacks of using marijuana plays a big role in the conversation.

     “The governor told the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau that today’s marijuana is more potent than in the past, and could pose a health risk for young people,” sourced.

     Although the effects from the drug may help relieve pain and help people, it is considered a “gateway drug” and could be a health risk for many, especially younger adults who are the future for the following generations.

     If recreational use was passed, Ohio would have to enforce strict laws and rules for the selling of marijuana. Dispensaries and other sources would need to follow the potency limit before selling it to buyers.

     The house bill 525 was signed by governor John Kashich in June 2016 to legalize the medical use of marijuana in Ohio. The bill was approved through votes by the senate and the house. Ohio initially licensed 56 dispensaries throughout the region, based on population.

     Obtaining medical marijuana has a process of three steps. A certified physician needs to confirm and prescribe the need of marijuana, and then users will need to register for the program. Ohio users are required to buy medical marijuana from approved dispensaries.


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