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High ACT scores can be achieved with patience and preparation

     One’s entire future based off of one test may seem like a ridiculous statement at first glance, but throughout the world peoples’ college selections and career choices are affected tremendously by their ACT score.

    Another round of the ACT was completed at Stow high school on October 22, 2016 from 8am-12pm. Students from many different schools came to take the test at Stow because they are only able to be taken at certain places on certain days.

According to, ACT scores have dropped in 2016. The composite score of 21 in 2015 has now dropped to a 20.8. The major difference is in the subject of english with an average score of 20.1 so far in 2016, as the average score in 2015 was 20.4.

    According to, in 1959 the ACT was created by Everett Franklin Lindquist. His primary goal in making it was to have it be a competitor with the SAT standardized test; however, he wanted his test to be more focused on material actually learned in schools.

    The stress of taking a test that can decide a person’s future can be quite overwhelming. There are a few tips that a person can use to help improve their score.

    The first tip is to make sure to fill in all answers. According to, answers are not graded for correctness only, so it is important to answer all questions, even if it means guessing. Making an educated guess is better than automatically getting a question wrong for leaving it blank.

    It is also important to take the ACT more than once. Some people who are very smart are able to get perfect scores on their first try, but this is a very rare occasion. Taking the ACT multiple times may help a person become more familiar with the format of the test and the timing allowed for each section.

    Sleep and well balanced meals are two categories often overlooked in regular life and also in preparing the night before and morning of the ACT. Sleep is necessary so that a person’s body can be energized and alert during the entire test. A well balanced breakfast can help give the brain energy so it can be at its full potential throughout the test.

    The next ACT test date is scheduled for December 10, 2016, and the last registration deadline is November 4, 2016. The ACT can be very stressful to take, but with practice and focus it can become just another test to try and ace.

Becoming involved in sports or gym class benefits students

Today’s generation seems to be either completely motivated to exercise and work out, or completely against anything that requires any form of physical activity.  

     According to Mayo Clinic, there are many benefits to working out including maintaining a healthy weight, helping fight against health problems such as heart disease, helping to have a better mood, boosting energy, getting better sleep and more.

    It is recommended that an individual gets a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day to maintain a good health. If one wants to increase their health or lose weight, it will most likely require more than 30 minutes of physical activity a day.

    Playing a sport for the school get one out of taking a gym class, making room for other classes. It also gets students into the habit of exercising. Getting in the habit of working out at a young age has a huge benefit for one’s health in the future.

    If one does not wish to dedicate their time to a sports team, a gym class at school is a great replacement. Unlike sports, there is no extra time required outside of school to take a gym class and the type of activity is constantly being changed, so one is not likely to get bored of doing the same thing everyday.

    According to James Clear, a writer for The Huffington Post, in 1950 Doctor Maltz, a plastic surgeon, conducted a study on how long it took the average person to form a habit. The minimum amount of time it took for a habit to be formed was 21 days but the average time was 66 days.

    There are endless ways to get exercise with today’s ways of living. There are gyms to join that have classes, sports teams for schools or community leagues that can be joined, gym classes at school or one could even go online to find  an exercise routine that can be completed during some free time. Just going on a small walk after school can greatly benefit one’s health and way of living and is highly recommended.  

Art classes provide an outlet for stressed teens

     All day long, high school students are told to sit and pay attention, take notes, answer questions and get started on their homework. Any regular teen gets impatient and annoyed throughout their day, since not many actually enjoy school. One of the best ways to get students engaged and destressed is by putting their mind on a piece of artwork.

     Art classes take a teens mind off all the stress of memorizing vocab or figuring out math formulas. In an art class, all that is required is creativity. This daily dose of creativity can come a long way when balanced with a regular education.

    Many teens do not realize how easily creativity can relieve stress. Often times, students can even use their worries to their benefit in an art class by transforming them into a painting or drawing that has a psychological meaning as well.

    Concentrating on the detail of a drawing or the precise buildup of a clay bowl can really direct the mind in a whole new direction, a much simpler state than what most students experience in their core classes.

     Granted many high school students say they hate art or they are simply terrible at all things art related. However, art is really never about skill. The importance comes from the freedom of expression, not the talent that goes into each piece of work.

    Most people have an easy time making the assumption that there is no point trying in art if they have zero natural talent. Not often do people recognize they could be creating things on the daily just for the pure enjoyment or a way to get their thoughts and ideas out of their head and onto paper.

     Another reason creativity is so important is due to the major influence technology has on students today. Any free time teens can find is absorbed by their phones and the cyber world.

     Teens are practically living in stress and this cyber world. Taking just one art class can relieve a student of all their worries and remove them from the hypnotizing screen of their cell phones.

    Everyone should have their own pastime that takes their mind off of everything else in their life  for even just a moment, and an art outlet is the perfect solution to anyone looking for one.

     Requiring an art class each year could even be more beneficial than it sounds, even if students do not aspire to advance skills in art, the peace of mind that comes with the creations can be much appreciated in the long run.




Students do not receive enough free time

     Eight hours of sleep, seven hours of school, five hours of work, two hours of homework and one hour of studying, leaving one hour of free time. That is just a normal day for a high school student.

     As the years go on, teens are expected to gain more responsibilities. Nothing out of the ordinary, but with all that is already going on in a teens life, things can get overwhelming.

     Students have to get to bed on time to make it through the day, which leads to staying up late to finish homework they could not finish earlier.

     Some students find themselves hurrying to get their homework done the second they get home, before rushing off to work to earn the money they need for being able to go out with friends on the weekend or gas money for driving to and from work and school every day. Teens need this free time with friends to relieve the everyday routine they go through during the week.

     Nowadays, doctors, teachers and counselors, are stressing the impacts of mental health on teens. How can one student balance so much at once and yet still avoid depression or getting overwhelmed.  

Too much is expected of someone so young, who is still trying to figure out what they want to do in the future or if they want to go to college.

     Some teachers give out more work to do at home than is done in class, which is unfair to a student who spends so much time listening to lectures and being handed quizzes and tests during the day.

     Honors and AP classes build up too, but students take the classes whether they can handle them or not because the expectations of getting good grades are so frequently pushed upon them.

     A buildup of homework puts the student behind and they begin to get lost in the curriculum and do whatever they can to keep their grades up, even if they are not completely comprehending the material given to them. The student is then no longer learning as they should be.

    If teachers were to limit or not give any homework to their students, teens would be able to handle all the stress in their life much easier, because being a teen in general is hard enough as is.

     Homework stress can cause a student to lose motivation all together and give up. It is possible teachers might just be expecting too much of their students.