Booster Club Free Tickets

Opinion Story
Sydney Uridel
Free entry for students to a high school playoff game may seem like a good thing, but some students have different opinions on it.
All Stow students with a student identification card received free entry for the soccer and volleyball playoff games. The Stow Booster Club is to thank for this and students are very appreciative.
It is apparent that the free tickets are a great help for the teams because it helped both sports gain more necessary support.
Playoff game tickets cost close to ten dollars. More students went to the games since they were playoffs and there was free entry, so the already high prices definitely could have added up.
Some students worry it was a waste of money or could be used for something else, but I disagree because the clubs main purpose is to support the districts sports teams.
In my opinion, it was smart because it provided more support to the teams playing and offered students a chance to go to at least one of the fall games this year. The additional fan support is helpful to the teams competing.
If the teams did not have that many students watching to cheer them along they would not have had as much support as they did.
Both teams did very well in the playoffs and the boys soccer team even ended up winning district finals, making them district champions.
While it was a good idea, I also think it was a very considerate thing of the booster club to do. Not many other schools have as much support from their clubs as Stow does, so students should be thankful.
Some students may have been may have been confused why the booster club was spending money on tickets for many students but they probably did not realize that the clubs main cause is to help with things such as this.
It was a very generous thing to do and students are grateful not only for the opportunity given to them to go to the playoff games but also for the chance to give support to the sports teams.


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