Students show support during walkout

By Alexsa Armstrong

There was so much controversy surrounding the National walkout at the high school on March 14.
This walkout can mean something different to every person. To some it is a way to honor the 17 people who died in the Florida shooting and every other student who has been involved in a school shooting.
To others, it is a political debate about the control of gun regulations and a way to prevent further gun violence in schools.
On the night of March 13, there was an emergency Board meeting about what to do for the walkout.
The Board came to the decision to not support the walkout and tried encouraging students to remain inside and have a moment of silence inside.
Many students chose to go against the recommendation of the School Board and exercise their right to protest.
The national walkout took place at 10 a.m., but students here decided to move it to 11 a.m. because of the delayed Wednesday schedule.
Many students participated in the walkout despite what the Board said.  All of the students gathered by the spirit rock in the front of the high school.
A group of the students stood in front dressed in orange in support of the walkout and read each and every school who has ever been involved in a school shooting. The list took about six minutes to read off and consisted of multiple pages.
The list brought to light how many shootings have occurred in the United States.
Teachers were not allowed to walk with the students but were encouraged to stand in the halls if they were available in order to help ensure the safety of everyone. There was also an increased number of police officers present.
For all of the students who did not feel safe at school and were called off by their parents, their absence was excused.
The walkout was a way for students to get involved and use their voice concerning school safety.


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