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Students show support during walkout

By Alexsa Armstrong

There was so much controversy surrounding the National walkout at the high school on March 14.
This walkout can mean something different to every person. To some it is a way to honor the 17 people who died in the Florida shooting and every other student who has been involved in a school shooting.
To others, it is a political debate about the control of gun regulations and a way to prevent further gun violence in schools.
On the night of March 13, there was an emergency Board meeting about what to do for the walkout.
The Board came to the decision to not support the walkout and tried encouraging students to remain inside and have a moment of silence inside.
Many students chose to go against the recommendation of the School Board and exercise their right to protest.
The national walkout took place at 10 a.m., but students here decided to move it to 11 a.m. because of the delayed Wednesday schedule.
Many students participated in the walkout despite what the Board said.  All of the students gathered by the spirit rock in the front of the high school.
A group of the students stood in front dressed in orange in support of the walkout and read each and every school who has ever been involved in a school shooting. The list took about six minutes to read off and consisted of multiple pages.
The list brought to light how many shootings have occurred in the United States.
Teachers were not allowed to walk with the students but were encouraged to stand in the halls if they were available in order to help ensure the safety of everyone. There was also an increased number of police officers present.
For all of the students who did not feel safe at school and were called off by their parents, their absence was excused.
The walkout was a way for students to get involved and use their voice concerning school safety.


Questioning Gun Control

By Shea Sullivan

    So far in 2018, there have already been 25 mass shootings, and it is only February 15. Many are demanding change before more shootings occur.

    Tragedy struck Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday. The shooting left 17 people dead and 14 injured.

    The weapon used was an AR-15 rifle which was also used in the Orlando Nightclub shooting, Newtown Connecticut school shooting and the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

    Americans are wondering why there have not been restrictions on guns like this. A main reason may be from government officials hesitating to take action on gun control.

    Several senators including Arizona senator John McCain and Ohio’s senator Rob Portman have received over $3,000,000 in endorsements from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

    This pretty much means that if senators endorsed by the NRA and thet do something against the organization’s wishes, then they will lose their endorsements and possibly their next election.

    A vast number of politicians are trying to convince other politicians endorsed by the NRA to work with them in bipartisan agreements on gun control. Yet that is much more difficult than it seems.

    “I have said it over and over: I would rather pass gun safety legislation than win the election, because people die from this,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said.

    Since Trump has been in office, his administration has revoked many Obama era rules on gun control. Getting rid of those rules has made it easier for the mentally ill and fugitives to buy guns, New York magazine reports.

    There has been no action taken under Trump’s presidency that would even attempt to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands.

    The United States is one of only three countries with the right to bear arms. Other modern countries allow their citizens to buy guns, but not without extensive background checks and certain regulations.

    A vast majority of people in the United States want America to take steps in that direction.

    Great Britain has some of the strictest gun control laws and one of the lowest numbers of gun deaths. In 2008-09, only 39 people died in the entire country as a result of guns.

    Many argue that gun control violates the Second Amendment and that regulating guns would violate Americans rights. Yet others argue that it is not necessary to own assault rifles for self defense, especially ones that have been used in several mass shootings.

    Americans have many differing opinions when it comes to gun control, but with more and more lives being taken from gun violence, many are ready for change.




By Cori Van Orman

In recent generations, children have turned towards the Internet as an outlet for their emotions and personal feelings. The Internet is somewhere many people refer to as their safe place.

Internet friend day is a day that is very important to many people. Internet friend day is being represented on twitter with the hashtags #InternetFriendsDay and #InternetFriendDay.

According to an internet friendship is a form of friendship or romance which takes place exclusively over the Internet. This may evolve into a real-life friendship.

People are excited about the fact that there is a day being dedicated to them for the friends they made online. Internet relationships are sometimes as meaningful to someone as a face-to-face relationship. It is sometimes easier for people to talk about their personal life to people whom they never have to face.

Internet friends day is very appreciated by the Twitter community. The Twitter community is very close and relationships form based on similar interests.

The media is a good outlet for people to talk things out–private social media accounts exist for people to simply get their emotions out there. Friendships form and a sort of support group forms for struggling people.

Internet friend day should be widely recognized by all, as it is a great way for struggling kids to express themselves and their feelings.

Current culture nulls excitement of voting

I used to be excited to vote. Just the idea of “having a voice” in my country’s government made me feel grown up. Studying politics–no matter how insubstantial–gave me some sort of pseudo-sophistication that made me seem competent for dinner table discussions. I turned eighteen and could already picture slapping on the “I Voted” sticker while strutting the most patriotic walk home before a bald eagle swept me off of my feet and thanked me for my participation in the democratic process. To me, elections seemed fun; however, I’ve come to realize that quite the opposite is true.

Coming home from school one day I found myself scuffling through some recently delivered mail. Of course, the past months have filled my mailbox to the brim with political advertisements, but one letter in particular caught my eye this day. It read, “Don’t Vote for a Candidate That Has No Chance to Win.” and featured pictures of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump with open boxes ( [ ] ) next to their names. Disappointment came as I noticed the crossed-off boxes ( [X] ) for the following candidates of: Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Deez Nuts, and #SMOD2016 (Sweet Meteor of Death).

Now take a second to let that soak in. Staring at this ad marked the exact moment in time that my excitement to vote was decimated. I could not find myself able to reconcile any good in a country where an internet meme and/or a celestial projectile of mass extinction would ever need to be printed on actual paper to advise citizens not to actually vote for these “candidates” as the actual president of the United States. My mind turned to scrambled eggs. It’s not as if the ad took a partisan side to say, “Hey, don’t waste your vote here! Vote for Clinton/Trump 2016!” but was instead informative to the fact that these absurd candidates were even less insignificant than Johnson or Stein and voters should beware of their illegitimacy.

However, it’s hard to deny the ironic redundancy of having both an apocalyptic meteor and a sexual innuendo on the same piece of paper as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The election has been all too much for me to handle. As us young voters tried to build a solid foundation for our political beliefs and aspirations, we were dealt the card of a woman who lies easier than I breath, and a man who makes Putin seem like a godsend.

Scandals perpetually worked their way through the campaign process, with more focus being allocated on rhetoric rather than policy. But you’ve heard these complaints all too often. “Clinton’s a criminal liar” and “Trump’s a bigoted racist” have essentially become the slogans of the Democratic and Republican parties.

With just days to go before Election Day, Clinton’s emails have been opened back up for FBI investigation and ties to Anthony Weiner make speculation ever the more interesting. I have high hopes that the former-congressman-turned-pedafile also recieved one of those, “Make Your Voice Count” ads and will make the wise decision to restrain from voting for, “Deez Nuts.”

If the Mayan calendar was redone, I’m sure the days would end at Nov. 8, 2016. Weeks leading up to Election Day would surely be filled with National Geographic documentaries and a Roland Emmerich movie. I just want it all to be over already.

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