By Cori Van Orman

In recent generations, children have turned towards the Internet as an outlet for their emotions and personal feelings. The Internet is somewhere many people refer to as their safe place.

Internet friend day is a day that is very important to many people. Internet friend day is being represented on twitter with the hashtags #InternetFriendsDay and #InternetFriendDay.

According to cute-calendar.com an internet friendship is a form of friendship or romance which takes place exclusively over the Internet. This may evolve into a real-life friendship.

People are excited about the fact that there is a day being dedicated to them for the friends they made online. Internet relationships are sometimes as meaningful to someone as a face-to-face relationship. It is sometimes easier for people to talk about their personal life to people whom they never have to face.

Internet friends day is very appreciated by the Twitter community. The Twitter community is very close and relationships form based on similar interests.

The media is a good outlet for people to talk things out–private social media accounts exist for people to simply get their emotions out there. Friendships form and a sort of support group forms for struggling people.

Internet friend day should be widely recognized by all, as it is a great way for struggling kids to express themselves and their feelings.


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