One Direction releases new album before hiatus

One Direction has conquered the charts in the last five years, now before they disappear for a long deserved hiatus they have released their fifth album.

One Direction, who earlier this year lost band member Zayn Malik, released their fifth album “Made In The A.M.” Nov. 13 will mark the end of their activity as a group for two years before they are set to return together in the spring of 2017. There is speculation the band will not return together as a group, many believe that the next to leave the band is Harry Styles, who has been the most talked about since the band became popular in the United States in 2012. He is also said to be the best singer of the group by several different celebrities and music personalities.

After many promises from each boy within the last weeks, they say they will be back and ready to bring even better music back with them when they return, even hinting in one of their newest songs, “History” on the album, “This is not the end.” There has been a lot of hype and anticipation for the album, as many promos were made for the new album and several songs were released weeks and months in advance.

Three songs were released the week of the album release. The album is said to be named “Made in the A.M.” because when the songs were in production, they would spend the entire night and well into the morning to write and produce the songs.

There are 13 songs on the regular album and 17 songs on the “Made In The A.M. Deluxe Album.” Several songs were released in anticipation for the album, along with a single that is not part of the album and was released in the United Kingdom. as part of EP that was not available in the United States. The songs on the album include “Hey Angel,” “Drag Me Down,” “Perfect,” “Infinity,” “End of the day,” “If I Could Fly,” “Long Way Down,” “Never Enough,” “Olivia,” “What a Feeling,” “Love You Goodbye,” “I Want to Write You a Song,” “History.” The deluxe album includes four other songs, “Temporary Fix,” “Walking In The Wind,” “Wolves,” and “A.M.”

One Direction has produced five albums in five years and has won numerous awards. All albums went to number one in the matter of minutes. Though their audience is mostly teens ages 12 to 21, they have managed to capture the hearts of millions of girls all over the world. Girls flocked them whenever they leave their homes and they have been able to sell out venues in Europe in minutes. Their second world tour, “Take Me Home,k” sold out in minutes in England.

“Made In The A.M.” will be the first album not going to be performed on stage in a concert venue, because of One Direction’s hiatus in the summer of 2016. One Direction has had a huge success in the music industry and “Made In The A.M.” will be no exception. “Made In The A.M.” is available now for download and anywhere music is sold.



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