Millennials losing interest in voting

It seems as if the current generation of U.S. citizens who are newly eligible to vote on issues and in elections have an extreme lack of interest in actually voting.

Millennials are considered to be anyone who reached the age of adulthood near the year 2000, and they are a big category of people to win over during elections and voting times.

A Harvard survey revealed nearly one out of three millennials did not believe that running for any type of position, including president, in the government was an honorable thing to do.

Additionally, two out of three surveyed believed politicians only run for selfish reasons and they do not really want to help the American people.

One of the many theories said to have started the lack of interest in politics in general is the Obama presidency.

Obama’s presidential campaign called out for change and reforms which many millennials do not believe were carried through; therefore, causing a lack of faith and desire to put in the effort to vote again.

Another theory is millennials have a feeling of hopelessness when it comes to America and reforming it to what they would like it to be.

“I don’t think anything could really get me to change my mind about voting. Maybe when I’m 18, but I doubt it,” junior Ethan Myers from Hudson High School said.

The majority of millennials believe there is nothing they can do to change anything about how America currently is and it causes them to lose interest in anything related to politics.

“I feel like I should be [interested in politics], because it has such a big impact on my country, but I’m not. I feel that I don’t have that large of an impact on my country when I vote,” Myers said.

Mid-term elections specifically seem to be the lowest interest to millennials. In 2010, only 21% of the people who voted were age 18-24.

Historically, there has never been in time in any country’s government that has had more young people vote more than their elders.

While youth votes have never been plenty, the past few years has resulted in major decreases in youth voting throughout the world in general.

The usual excuse people use is millennials are just “too lazy” to get out in vote, but that is not actually the case. Millennials volunteer more than their elders, and they are less likely to drink excessively or use drugs and are much better educated than their older companions.

Another theory of why millennials are lacking an interest in politics is their lack of connections and caring about the things going on around them.

In 1970, the average women married and settled down before she was 21, causing her and her husband to care about schools and hospitals and things of that nature because it affects their children.

Now, women wait on average to get married and settle down until they are 26 which means the 18-24 bracket of voters do not have the family ties to pull their interest into politics.

Millennials do not care about politics because they do not have an immediate reason to. There is no tie to the government that causes them to really think about what is going on around them.

Many claim Obama owes his presidency to the millennials. Obama won over the youth vote and had historically high amounts of youth voters vote in his favor.


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