DECA creates new atmosphere through DECA Week

By Bayley Patterson

DECA is a marketing club that students compete in different business categories. Junior and seniors have the ability to learn about marketing in a fun and interactive way.

“I just started this year as a senior, and I wish I started last year. You learn a lot about marketing and business, and we have speakers and go on cool field trips too,” senior Madie Mills said.

Lisa Mowls has been in charge of DECA for 16 years.

This week DECA is holding a ‘DECA Week.’ Every year in November, Mowls picks a week to participate. This week is created to potentially acquire new DECA members. It is also to spread the news of what DECA is and what members achieve.

Every day, DECA members have to tweet something depending on the day. Every day will have a different theme.

On Monday, DECA representatives had to wear DECA spirit wear and a pin. They also had to tweet out a motivational message.

“I think it gave Stow’s DECA a positive vibe. It shows how we want to be successful, and by tweeting it, everyone else can see it as well. Hopefully, it can positively impact another student’s day and influence others to strive for greatness,” senior Madi Baughman said.

On Tuesday, members had to wear clothes to represent the country or flag. Juniors had to tweet a picture of themselves with a poster, and seniors had to post a picture with a map. Members all chose a country to represent because they are learning about international business along with business in the United States.

Wednesday, members participated in ‘Well-­Groomed Wednesday.’ They had to dress nicely and tweet a picture with the ‘DECA Diamond.’ Stow DECA representatives went to Joshua’s for a junior achievement meeting where different business workers will talk with the DECA members.

On Thursday, DECA representatives are required to wear the given black business polo for the class. They also have to tweet a fact about the Mali/Stow school DECA is creating.

“I’m excited to have an opportunity to help people outside of our community. The school in Mali will give children a chance to receive a good education,” junior Kaely Montgomery said.

Friday, DECA members will be participating in the usual Stow spirit.

Mills said, “I love DECA week because we get to do a bunch of things to help get the word out about DECA and raise awareness about who we are and what we do.”


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