5SOS releases new album, announces tour

By Maeonne Phillips

Five Seconds Of  Summer’s most recent release,“Sounds Good Feels Good” is gaining positive feedback from around the world. While their single, “She’s Kinda Hot,” blew away most of the 5SOS fans with their pop-punk comeback, the album all together is giving fans exactly what they wanted.

The band sends an encouraging message to teens around the world with their invitation to join “the new broken scene,” providing a different view on the rough times of a teens generation. They promote no matter how rough things can get or no matter what people say, “we’re alright, though.”

 More singles from the album, released Oct. 23, 2015, include “Fly Away,” “Jet Black Heart,” “Money” and “Hey Everybody.”

The band never fails to replicate their fans’ emotions with lyrics representing feelings of loneliness, heartbreak or even moving on. One of the songs on the album describes a situation of divorce, an inside look on how it feels to watch parents grow apart. It seems the lyrics from “Broken Home” are ones fans relate to most, as divorce is very common in this generation.

Other tracks can create a more positive message or even hopeful meaning such as the lyrics of “Fly Away.” The song describes the feeling of wanting to have a new start, traveling to see new things and leaving a small town.

Before the Australians, known as 5SOS,  released their first album in 2014 and even before they opened for One Direction on both the “Take Me Home” and “Where We Are” tours, the band was inspired by Alex Gaskarth, the lead singer of yet another pop-punk band, All Time Low.

All Time Low’s most recent album “Future Hearts,” released April 3, 2015,  goes along with the same vibe as “Sounds Good Feels Good,” which sets reflections of teens and their hardships. With singles like “Something’s Gotta Give” and “Kids in the Dark,” the band accomplished yet another perfect album.

With previous albums such as “Put Up or Shut Up” released July 25, 2006 and “So Wrong it’s Right” released September 25, 2007, All Time Low fans have yet to be disappointed.

The only change seems to be that the band has toned down their sound, as if leaning towards pop rather than pop-punk. Tracks, such as “Runaways” and “Cinderblock Garden” on the album “Future Hearts,” are not as heavy as tracks off the “Don’t Panic” album released in 2012. Songs off the album “Don’t Panic,” such as  “So Long Soldier” and “Choking on a Lifesaver,” show the difference in the directions the band has taken and the sound they are going for now.  As of now, All Time Low has possibly even matched sounds with 5SOS; however, the energy is still there, along with Gaskarth’s meaningful lyrics.

All Time Low has also kicked off a tour with Sleeping With Sirens and Neck Deep, which is a tour sure to bring in thousands of fans for the talent each band brings along. Both Sleeping with Sirens and Neck Deep have had successful album releases as well. Sleeping with Sirens released “Madness” March 17, 2015, and Neck Deep released “Life’s Not Out to Get You” on Aug. 14, 2015.

The tour is called “Back to the Future Hearts,” and while 5 Seconds of Summer has also announced their tour “Sounds Live Feels Live,” teens are struggling to find quick ways to earn money for tickets.


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