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Browns’ history doomed to keep repeating itself

The Cleveland Browns have had a poor record for a historically long time. Most fans say that the team is “close” to being on the next level, but others see zero signs of them being “close” in any aspects of the game.

For starters, the Browns have had 23 different starting quarterbacks since 2000. Even for people who do not understand a touchdown from a field goal, they can probably figure out this is not a good stat for the team.

It is not like any of the quarterbacks have had much potential either. Quarterback Brady Quinn had very high hopes coming into Cleveland. Fans believed he could have been the quarterback to take them to the next level; however, in 12 games, Quinn posted a 3-9 record.

All the blame cannot go on the quarterback, just like all the praise cannot go towards him. The quarterback needs to be surrounded with offensive weapons or a good defense in order to succeed. Neither of these have been the case. The Browns had high hopes in star wide receiver Josh Gordon. This was, of course, was until he could not stop smoking marijuana and found himself getting suspended more than he was actually playing. While Joe Haden has been a lockdown corner for the past five years, he has fallen off a cliff his past two seasons. This is due to him just getting burnt too often by Steeler wide receiver Antonio Brown or just getting injured every one out of every three games.

The signing of wide receivers Dwayne Bowe and Brian Hartline were supposed to bring life to the Browns offense. They have done just about everything but that. The Browns have virtually zero weapons on the offensive side of the ball. If they had decided to trade away Joe Thomas before the trade deadline, some would come close to saying that their defense has more of a chance to score than the offense.

The defense has had tons of problems all year. They had high expectations coming into the season, and they did not meet any of them. The Browns rank in the bottom three for almost every category of run defense. They give up the most amount of yards and are bottom three in touchdowns and yards per carry.

It is just silly to say that the Brown’s are “close” to anything really. They do not have much potential to do anything unless they hire guys who know how to find players out of college who will succeed. No one knew the likes of Time Brady; however, picking Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel over Odell Beckham JR and Khalil Mack is just not going to get it done. Unless of course, the organization secretly wants to lose, because sometimes it honestly looks as so.


Bulldogs sting the Brecksville Bees

The stings from a buzzing swarm of belligerent Bees are feeble in comparison to the rugged toughness possessed by a Bulldog.

On the night of Oct. 23, Stow rolled into the hive of the Brecksville Bees, looking to keep their undefeated record intact. Prior to the game, Brecksville held a 7-1 record, but continuing to play with the absence of two key startersone of which is their quarterbackcertainly would hinder their offensive presence.

On the first play of the game junior quarterback Kyle Vantrease’s pass was deflected, falling into the hands of a Brecksville defender. Though finding themselves in prime scoring position, the Bees were unable to convert and turned it over on downs. From there, sloppy play and punting were the subjects of the opening minutes.

Stow would be the first to focus in, shed the sloppiness, and begin to control the game.

“We slowed it down and started playing like we usually do,” junior wide receiver Joe Andrassy said.

With twenty-six seconds left in the first quarter, Andrassy was the one to take action, going 56-yards into the end zone after a short pass from Vantrease and putting Stow on the board first to close the quarter.

Brecksville had some energy of their own to start the second quarter, opening the first seconds with an 86-yard touchdown run to tie the game 7-7. Stow fired back four minutes later with another Andrassy touchdown assisted by the arm of Vantrease. With 3:56 left to go in the half, senior running back Jayson Gobble decided to jump in on the action with a 24-yard touchdown run of his own to extend the lead to 21-7.

Brecksville’s defense knew the threat the Bulldogs have in the backfield and if they wanted a shot at winning this one they would need to lock down Gobble. With that, they did a decent job containing Stow’s run game, but Stow did not flinch, in turn, resorting to the aerial attack, and with great success. Vantrease stepped up to the Bee’s defense and completed the night with 279 passing yards and a rushing touchdown of his own. Andrassy lit up the field, ending the night with 190 receiving yards and two touchdowns, while sneaking in the special “Tode Package” for a moment.

“We weren’t expecting the run game to be so sloppy, but when they weren’t covering the bubble screen, we just exploited it and got the pass game going,” Andrassy said.

After a 35-yard field goal from junior kicker Austin Burnham, Stow was on top 24-7 going into halftime.

As any team with the opportunity to squash an undefeated record, Brecksville showed they were not to be taken lightly. A 37-yard touchdown pass cut the Bee’s deficit to 24-14 with 7:50 left in the third. Senior kicker Garrett Rigby booted in a 32-yard field goal shortly after, to bump the score to 27-14 going into the fourth quarter.    

The Bee’s took stride in the last quarter after a 76-yard touchdown connection to trim the deficit to 27-21 with 7:49 left to go. Both teams relied on the passing game to support their offenses. Brecksville was testing Stow’s defensive backs with long shots down the field, many of which to the benefit of the Bee’s. Now Stow found them in a position where a Brecksville touchdown, provided with an extra point, gave them the lead. This was quickly dismissed as Rigby booted another field goalthis time from 38-yards outwith 6:15 left to go in the game and a 30-21 lead.

With 4:55 to go, Brecksville shot deep again, finding a receiver for a 68-yard play, that subsequently resulted in a 1-yard touchdown punch to bring the Bee’s within two points. With the score at 30-28 in favor of Stow, the Bulldogs found themselves with a crucial possession. Vantrease showed his confidence with the ball, and  reliability to come up big when needed, after he took a fake handoff 45-yards to the end zone to seal the victory for the Bulldogs with a score of 37-28.

“We knew we needed to win this game to win the Suburban League, so we just wanted to go out and make some noise,” Andrassy said.

Noise was definitely made by the Bulldogs, as it has been all year, and there is more to come, as they extend their record to 9-0, and bump Brecksville’s to 7-2. Stow will take on North Royalton (3-6) to wrap up the regular season at home on Oct. 30. With sights on double-digits in the wins column, an undefeated year is a confidence boost Stow will likely need to obtain, and maintain, entering the playoffs.

Andrassy said, “We want nothing more than to be the first 10-0 team at Stow so we’re going to go out and win this next game for sure.”

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