Poor print quality of February’s Stohion is addressed

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By Stohion Staff

Due to the poor print quality and the printer being unable to reprint this current edition within a timely manner, the Stohion staff felt it was important for our audience to see the original version of the Stohion as it was meant to look.

A process called registration was not set up properly on the printer’s end, which caused the blurred images and words and/or distorted colors throughout this edition (and others issues previously printed).  From time to time, the printer does not set our job up properly; however, due to budgeting and the Stohion being a student-run and student-funded paper, switching printers for better quality is not an option for this current year.  We will definitely be looking into other options for future years to ensure our paper looks crisp and clean–as intended.

Staff members work countless hours creating everything that goes into the paper, and it is horribly upsetting when things beyond our control like this happen.

Thank you for your patience as we work through some of these issues.



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