Art classes produce new crayon mural

Students in O’Donnell’s and Surrena’s art classes are piecing together three boards of crayon art. Once complete, the plan is to hang the new mural in the high school.


By Brianna Doctor

    To improve the school’s murals, art teachers Lisa O’Donnell and Michelle Surrena have initiated a project to make a mural out of crayons donated by students and teachers throughout the district.

    Ideas of having new murals has been previously discussed. Since last year was O’Donnell’s first year teaching at the high school, she wanted to do something special to change the murals.

    “When I first started teaching here, my goal was to make new murals because Student Council had mentioned they wanted to redo them. They issue was we didn’t have enough time,” O’Donnell said.

    With time being a concern, O’Donnell wanted to find a way to manage the project in the classroom. She believed students could contribute to the mural by constructing it in their free time.

    “Students in art are at all different stages, and when kids are finished, I don’t want them playing on their phones. So I wanted to give them something to do that was cool and art related they could work on,” O’Donnell said.

    Students can work on the three piece project after they finish any projects. As of now, only one board out of the three are being laid out.

    “Three boards are going to be put up next to each other, and then your eyes are going to be able to move along the boards so they connect,” O’Donnell said.


    Since the mural is three boards, they need many crayons to finish the project.

    “We have been peeling crayons for a year and a half now, so by the time this project is done, we will have included five to six classes of students,” O’Donnell said.

    The major goal for project is to have it completed by the end of this school year. Surrena believes the murals can be finished as long as more crayons are supplied throughout the year.

    “Our main goal is to hopefully get it done by the end of the year, but it will be dependent on the amount of crayons needed to finish the mural,” Surrena said.

    Surrena and O’Donnell would like the help of all students and are asking them to donate any crayons to help the production of the murals run smoothly. The art teachers say any amount of crayons would be greatly appreciated.



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