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Disney Plus Streaming Service

   Morgan Vincent

    Disney recently announced that they have produced a new streaming service. Disney Plus is a monthly streaming service that is expected to compete with Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV, especially when Disney fans have been watching their favorites disappear off of other streaming services one by one. 

      Many people first heard about the news when Disney released a Twitter thread of every single feature coming to their service. With a lot of circling publicity, numerous people have already decided which movies they want to watch first.

      The platform has more than 600 TV shows and movies set for its first launch along with others on the way in later updates. 

      Disney Plus contains content from some other branch companies such as Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. All come included in the convenience of one platform. 

     The service has also announced that they will provide their own “original content and never before seen exclusives” which die-hard Disney fans might find worthwhile.

     At only $6.99 per month, Disney Plus falls on the low side of the spectrum for streaming prices. Yet, they have released that there may be more exclusive membership options in the future.

   With so many new streaming platforms and loads of special promotions other companies have already rolled out to promote themselves, many feel that Disney Plus is nothing special and that it just blends in with all the other releases they have seen lately.

      Although Disney Plus does not appear like a stand-alone type of subscription, many people are considering to purchase it in addition to their existing services. Senior Emily Kuntz already has many streaming services and is considering if Disney Plus should be a new addition.

     “It seems like a very good idea for Disney to do and could be very beneficial for their business. I already have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video though,” Kuntz said. 

    The platform is not just geared towards Disney lovers. Many people have considered the service add-on either for their children or for some nostalgia of programs they grew up watching. 

     “I feel like I am a big fan of Disney, but only the old Disney. The new shows and movies don’t seem as good to me,” Kuntz said.

     The release date for Disney Plus is set on November 12. If the subscription does not sound too convincing, Disney is offering a free seven day trial for anyone wanting to give it a chance. 




Luke Bryan Concert Review

Ashley Hutchinson

     Saturday, September 14, was a busy day at Blossom Music Center. Country singer Luke Bryan made an Ohio appearance while on his Sunset Repeat tour. 

     The concert was said to start at 7 pm, but Bryan did not make an appearance until around 9:30. Instead, the audience watched the opening acts perform. The two opening acts included Jon Langston and Cole Swindell, both of whom are also country singers. 

     Blossom Music Center was designed to hold about 23,000 people, and every single ticket to this concert was completely sold out. 

     Jon Langston was a decent opening act, but most of the audience was not familiar with his music. Cole Swindell, however, was a big hit among the crowd because his songs seemed to be more well-known. 

     “I enjoyed one of them, Cole Swindell, but not the other one because I did not know his music that well,” junior Hayley Kohler said after attending the concert.

     Overall, the concert was an amazing experience. “I enjoyed it because I knew all of the songs that he performed,” Kohler said.

     Bryan’s set list was around 23 songs long and included crowd favorites such as “Knockin’ Boots”, “That’s my Kind of Night” and “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset”. 

     My personal favorite was “Knockin’ Boots” because it is his most recent song and it was the most popular among the audience. It was such a cool experience when every single person knew the song and had a blast dancing to it.

     The concert production was done very well and no improvements were needed there. All of the acts ran smoothly and each of the performers did a wonderful job. 

    The only negative, for me personally, is that he did not perform a few of the songs I really like. However, this was balanced out because I discovered new songs that I had never heard before and I came to love them just as much.

     I would definitely attend one of his concerts again. It was so much fun and was a very memorable experience for me. His next concerts will also include new songs, which will be a good change. 

     Luke Bryan’s Sunset Repeat tour was a concert that I will never forget. 



Post Malone Album Review

Brianna Doctor 

     Nearly a year after releasing his second album, Post Malone has finally released his newest 17 track album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, for his fans who have long awaited new music from the talented artist. 

     Since July, Malone has been teasing his fans with new music. He released his top hit “Goodbyes” featuring Young Thug, and a week before releasing his album, Malone dropped one more song “Circles” to give his fans a little taste of what was to come on Hollywood’s Bleeding.

     Malone has been entertaining people with his music since 2016 when he released his first album, Stoney. Two years later he released his second hip-hop based album, beerbongs and bentleys

     For years, Malone has been known for being a hip-hop artist, but his newest album is more pop-focused this time around. Hollywood’s Bleeding contains many sentimental songs that fans listening can relate to.   

     With songs like “A Thousand Bad Times’ and “Allergic”, Malone gives his audience some energetic beats while singing about his relationship issues.

     Malone is no stranger to heartbreak, and through a beautiful pop collaboration with SZA called “Staring at the Sun”, he describes a troubled past relationship in which his lover is blinded by her thoughts that Malone can change, but this will never happen. 

     Through another more down to earth collaboration about heartbreak, Malone describes the feeling of betrayal from a past lover in the song “Die For Me” featuring Future and Halsey. 

     Although Malone’s new album is more pop, he still includes his hip-hop roots through a couple of songs that feature collaborations with rap artists, DaBaby, Lil Baby, and Meek Mill. 

     In his song “On the Road”, Malone, Lil Baby, and Meek Mill explain all the ups and downs they go through by themselves while creating their music. Next, Malone sings about his “Enemies.” He explains how his friends who had let him down turned into his enemies with rapper DaBaby. 

     In his previous album, Malone let his fans know that he was not afraid to flex his success. In Hollywood’s Bleeding, he still sings about his fame, but this time, in his new pop style..

     Malone sings about all of the things he has, and how he has worked so hard to receive those things in the song “Saint-Tropez.” In addition, Malone sings about how he does whatever wants so he can be whatever he wants in “I’m Gonna Be.”

     Malone’s best collaboration may come as a surprise to listeners. In his song “Take What You Want”, Malone creates a perfect balance of heavy metal and hip-hop with artists, Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott, as they sing about a toxic lover.

     Only 2 days after releasing his newest album, Malone has taken over song charts on both Apple Music and Spotify. 

     Malone also announced his new Hollywood’s Bleeding merchandise: t-shirts in multiple colors with multiple designs, sweatshirts, and CD’s. His merchandise is available at

     In support of his newest album, Malone kicks of his Runaway Tour Sept. 14, and the tour will run through Nov 20. He will be accompanied by Swae Lee and Tyla Yaweh.

     For most Post Malone fans, his newest album is on repeat, but for those who have not listened to his amazing new music, it is now available to stream on all music outlets. 

     Hollywood’s Bleeding is an album with music different from the typical hip-hop rhythms Malone is known for, yet he has successfully made an album full of songs that contain deeper meanings for fans to relate to while creating catchy tunes to keep listeners coming back for more.




Khalid- The Newest Sensation Of Pop Music

Maria Leonino

    Over the years, music styles have changed and evolved. While the music may not be like it used to be, singer Khalid Robinson, or better known as just “Khalid” has grown into one of the top pop artists.

    Khalid made his music debut on March 3, 2017. He released his 15 track album, which skyrocketed quickly and boosted his career. His hit song “Location” was performed live shortly after the release, and “Angels” was featured on the hit television show, “Grey’s Anatomy”.

    Ever since then, Khalid has released many collaborations with other artists, an E.P album, and his most recent album, “Free Spirit” released on April 5, 2019.

    “I learned about Khalid from his song “Location”. I saw it online and found his music. I have been a fan before his first album came out,” junior Payton Hackim said.

    Along with the release of his new album, Khalid is going on tour and the tickets became available the day the album came out. Hackim and I bought tickets for his Columbus show in the summer.

    I cannot wait to see Khalid live. He is one of my favorite artists and he has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard.

    The 17 track album of “Free Spirit” contains a variety of different music. There is upbeat songs such as “Talk” and “Right Back”, and there are deeper, sadder songs such as “Heaven” and “Intro”.

    “His music makes me feel so many emotions. Happy, sad, mixed emotions, just about everything. He has a way with connecting songs to others lives on such a deeper level and I love that,” Hackim said.

    The upbeat songs give me hope for the future, the sad songs make me reflect on my past, and his more chill songs calm me. Any mood I feel can turn around once I listen to his songs.

    Khalid has a way with his lyrics and music, it is unlike any other artist I have ever heard. He is inspiring to many at such a young age, and he is just getting started.

    My favorite song for sure is “Right Back”. The song is about a relationship falling off track and needing to spend more time with that special someone.

    Although I love the message the song portrays, the upbeat music and the way it makes me feel is what I love the most. This was one of the first songs I listened to when the album came out and it remained my favorite throughout the whole album.

    Some comparisons between us first and most recent album is how Khalid has evolved and changed. He has such a more positive outlook on life and his songs prove he is happier and in a better place than before.

    “8Teen” is a track from his first album, which was his age when he released the album. Now, Khalid has the track “Twenty One”. When he was 18 he talked about not accomplishing much and being behind, but now that he is 21 he knows what he wants and has done more than he ever dreamed of.

    All in all, Khalid’s album “Free Spirit” is one of the best, and my most favorite album. I hope in the future he releases more albums and shows the world how great he is.

    “Overall, I like the vibe of his new album and the meaning each song has. Every song has a different message, and in some albums songs can be repetitive but I do not feel that way with this album,” Hackim said.