Restore Cold Pressed Review

     Hannah Bartels

     Restore is a modern and popular juice shop chain. It has several local locations and attracts a young crowd.

     Restore has many features which make it so appealing to a younger crowd. For starters, the whole menu was created by people with a mindset solely focused on health benefits. 

    Though the shop vies to produce only healthy items, the items are quite delicious! I, myself, was drawn there, because of its popularity and recommendation from my other young friends for its yummy items. 

     I drove 20 minutes out to Restore’s Hudson location. It was definitely a trip worth taking. The first thing I noticed was how modern the shop was on the outside.

     The shop had a beige exterior with a black awning and light fixtures. The whole shop had a sense of cleanliness and modernity. 

     Inside, the shop was fairly similar to Starbucks and the space seemed open and bright. The inside was just as modern as the outside. 

     The only problem I had with the layout was the lack of seating. My friend and I could only find one table that was open for us to sit and it was pretty early in the morning.

     However, the food made up for this. I ordered an Organic Acai bowl. It had Brazilian acai berries blended together with coconut milk and milk. I had the option to choose three toppings, included with my order, so I chose bananas, blueberries and strawberries.

     Some of the other toppings were granola, peanut butter, coconut flakes, chia seeds and lots more. In addition to my smoothie bowl, I ordered one of their popular juices.

     The juice was named 03 and it supported immunity health. It was a super combination of apple, lemon, ginger, and cayenne. 

     The drink was much stronger than I expected; however, it was delicious. I felt really healthy after drinking it. I would not recommend this drink for people with a sensitive stomach because of how strong it is.

     As for the smoothie bowl, it was even better. The bowl was thick in consistency and was delicious with the toppings. I got more than I wanted to eat, so the price was worth it. 

     The service was great and the customers were all pretty young. Restore offers healthy choices your body and tastebuds will agree on. I recommend Restore to anyone willing to try something new! 


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