Justin Bieber Album Review

Maria Leonino

     After five years, Justin Bieber released a new album titled “Changes” on Feb. 14, 2020. The 17 track album quickly climbed to number one on the charts.

     Justin is now 26 years old and married to Hailey Baldwin, and when his last album was released he was recently single from Selena Gomez. 

     Many songs on his last album, Purpose, were a reflection of his relationship with Selena and his mental state, which at the time was going downhill.

     Similarly, his album now reflects his love and relationship with Hailey, and his mental state as well; however, now he has entered a new era of his life, and is looking more on the positive side. 

     His first track is a song called ‘All Around Me’ which is, in my opinion, about Hailey. Lyrics such as “Not sure what I was doin’ before ya” and “I need you all around me’ ‘ resemble her. 

     The next two tracks, ‘Habitual’ and ‘Come Around Me’ are also about love and Hailey in particular. They both say how she saved him in a way, and he is a much better person because of her.

     ‘Intentions’ featuring Quavo is more about how he treats his wife, and how he wants others to treat their significant others. Showering them with attention and complimenting them are his main points.

     To me, it seems like his tracks ‘Available’ and ‘Second Emotion’ featuring Travis Scott are about Justin’s vulnerability with his relationship. He wants to be prioritized and needs reassurance, which he expresses in the two tracks. 

     Another aspect of relationships is fighting. ‘Take It Out On Me’ focuses on how Justin wants Hailey to let her frustrations out, even if that means she has to take them out on him. 

     ‘Yummy’, ‘Running Over’ featuring Lil Dicky and ‘E.T.A.’ are on the more lustful side. ‘Running Over’ talks about the encounters Justin had with Hailey and how they met, which left him wanting more. 

     ‘E.T.A.’ focuses on him wanting to be around Hailey and knowing where she is. ‘Yummy’ was pre-released before his album came out, and it is my least favorite. 

     The song lacks strong verses, and it was not the way I envisioned his new album being, but he did redeem himself with the other songs. 

     Two songs that do not seem to be centered around Hailey are ‘Changes’ and ‘Confirmation’. They are more about Justin’s personal growth. 

     He talks about the changes in his life, how he wants to improve and be better for everyone around him. He also talks about his insecurities and what he needs to work on. 

     His last two songs on the album, ‘That’s What Love Is’ and ‘At Least For Now’ seem to be about Hailey as well. 

     ‘That’s What Love Is’ is the typical love song, and focuses on their love and sacrifices they make for each other. ‘At Least For Now’ is about the more intimate and soft side of their relationship. 

     Lastly, my two personal favorites. ‘Forever’ featuring Post Malone and Clever, and ‘Get Me’ featuring Kehlani. Both songs give off calming and care free vibes, which I love. 

     Overall, Justin Bieber’s new album did not disappoint. It exceeded every expectation, and I love how each track has a different sound and meaning. 






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