A Future in Fashion

Ayla Morris

          Waking up in the morning and dressing yourself is hard as it is, but Junior Nora Bryan takes this to a new level. 

     Bryan has a passion for fashion that she intends to follow through. She plans to go into fashion as a career. 

    “I’ve always really loved fashion and more recently developed my own style. I like going against the norms and being different and expressing myself in that way. I am interested in fashion design but I also think merchandising is interesting too so I’m not sure yet!” Bryan said. 

       Bryan has a unique style that is all her own. Bryan does not even have a role model.

      “I don’t really have a particular person but just people that aren’t afraid to be themselves and wear what they want for themselves only not to please anyone or to fit in,” Bryan says. 

     Not fitting in is not a big deal for Bryan at all, she welcomes it. Bryan’s number one pick for shopping is at the thrift store. 

    “Sustainability and the thrift store has the coolest unique pieces, also it’s very adorable,” Bryan says. 

     Not only is Bryan into fashion but she also is into selling her fashionable clothing. 

      “ I started on instagram juts getting rid of old clothes (shoutout to norabcloset) but instead of taking pictures of the clothes juts in a hanger I styled them and took pictures of them how I would wear them to switch it up and make them more appealing to my audience/buyers and I really enjoyed that aspect of it,” Bryan says. 

       On this account Bryan works to sell her old clothes that were once worn by her but no longer wanted. Bryan’s style is very unique, however, which makes her clothes sell much faster. 

      “I would definitely say like retro and 80s but I also like mixing modern trends with it but Idk if I can put it in one name I change it up a lot some days I dress very eddy and little more “masculine” and some days I dress very girly and “feminine” some days I dress more business/professional and some days I wear super casual clothes,” Bryan says. 

      Nora likes to wear these clothes because they make her feel confident. When she has confidence she feels better about herself. 

     The hardest thing about selling her clothes is how hard it is to get them to people. She struggles most with this because people sometimes do not respond and answer which makes it hard to get them to these people. 

        Bryan hopes to pursue this intrest and fashion and go far with it. Bryan will do this as a future and keep up with it. 


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