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Freezing temperatures allow calamity days and city warming center

Temperature highs for the area are staying within the single digits, and with factors, such as wind chill, temperatures are plummeting into negative double digits, reaching as low as -25 degrees.

The City of Stow has opened a temporary Warming Center for Stow residents who have no where else to go or whose heat is malfunctioning.

According to a press release, the Warming Center is in the Community Room at the Stow Safety Building, which is located at 3800 Darrow Road. People will be able to visit the center now through Feb. 21 at noon. One may contact the City of Stow at 330.689.2700 for more information regarding the Warming Center.

According to Stow’s local news station, 19 Action News, weather conditions should return to normal ranges by Saturday.

The school district called a calamity day for today, Thurs. Feb. 19, as well as many other districts in the vicinity. During a call on Wed., Feb. 18, Superintendent Thomas Bratten told families to “make contingency plans” for a possible school closure on Fri., Feb. 20.

On Thurs., Feb. 19, a call went out, informing students and their families of school cancellation for Friday.

The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory for Summit County, which will remain in effect until 8 p.m. this evening. A wind chill warning will remain in effect from 8 tonight to noon on Fri., Feb. 20. According to The Weather Channel, wind chills will reach as low as 25 to 30 below, with temperatures at 16 below overnight. Wind gusts may reach up to 25 mph.

These temperatures create a dangerous environment for exposed skin. The National Weather Service advises people to dress warm and avoid long exposure to the cold as the low temperatures can cause hypothermia and frostbite.

Corner Cup Coffeehouse opens in Stow

The Family Video at the intersection of Graham and Fishcreek has stood by itself for a substantial amount of time. Now, the building prepares to share its space with a brand new and independently owned coffee shop.

The Corner Cup Coffee House is the culmination of many years of big dreams and a couple of years of hard work.

The Corner Cup’s owner, Heather Ciranna, is an alumni of the high school. It was here, she said, that her first plans for a local coffee shop first began when she was fourteen-years-old. She says her personal relationship with her teachers and activities greatly affected who she is.

“My dad was an American History teacher at the high school. His name was Bill Blank. [My dad always being there] was one of my biggest memories, and I love that. I was in the marching band; I am a band geek to the core. I played the flute and the piccolo starting in the fourth grade and loved what I learned. I was also in the show choir, The Notables, as well as two musicals. [In short], I always loved the arts,” Ciranna said.

After high school, Ciranna attended Cleveland State University and obtained a degree in Business. She worked several jobs before deciding to become a small business owner, but the climax leading up to that started far before college.

“I always had this idea for this ‘funky little coffee house’ that had it’s own vibe and was a place where people could just come by and hang out, so it has always been something in the back of my mind that I thought I would do when I retired. I started this journey to make my shop a reality about two and a half years ago, now, and I [have not] looked back since,” Ciranna said.

Ciranna owes the inspiration of her “entrepreneurial spirit,” as she calls it, to the small business she worked for in high school.

“Every stage of life has an influence, not just a single mentor. When I ‘got the bug’ [to actually start up The Corner Cup Coffee House, it was when I was working for Lexi-Comp in Hudson. Their owner, Bob Kerscher, was such a passionate entrepreneur. He was passionate about making sure to ‘work to live’ and not ‘live to work’ and loving what you do. It gave me the power to do what I do,” Ciranna said.

Ciranna also has hopes for other small business owners and for those who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

“Believe in yourself, because that is the first ingredient for believing what you do. Also, you [do not know] what you [do not know]. Figure out what it is you need to know, and surround yourself with people who can help you. Ask questions and then listen to the answers. You have to have a mindset and the willingness to learn, including when people tell you ‘that is a hair-brained idea and you need to correct that.’ [Albeit], when you get it right, the response and support you get is overwhelming,” Ciranna said.

Ciranna professes that the main reason she is bringing The Corner Cup Coffee House to life is so that she can give back to the community. Besides offering itself as a cozy community gathering spot with a wide array of beverages, The Corner Cup will also be selling baked goods from other local shop owners around Northeast Ohio. Any money given to small businesses will eventually find itself circulated back into the city. There are also plans to showcase local artists and singers by means of art shows and live music performances.

Support small businesses. Keep up to date on what’s going on at The Corner Cup Coffeehouse. Check out the website,, and social media outlets, and @cornercupstow, to get great insight on store developments and menu updates.

Canton District Superintendent Adrian Allison threatens merger

     After years of educating the teens of Canton, Timken High school threatens to merge with McKinley High School.
     This plan to merge Timken and McKinley was developed by Canton school district superintendent, Adrian Allison.  The “Brighter Tomorrow” plan would combine students grades 10-12 in McKinley, leaving the freshman at Timken. Allison introduced this plan to the students and parents of Timken on Monday Jan. 19.
     According to, Superintendent Allison said, “Becoming ‘One community. One high school’ is the right decision for our students and it is the right time to move foreword. I’m excited for this plan and I am hopeful that the community will come together to support it for the benefit of our children and our city.”
     Adrian Allison firmly believes in the decision to combine these high schools. According to, without this merger, Canton would be in debt by 2017. If the merger is successful, it could push them above the line by $1 million. There is a problem in the Canton school district budget and if they do not act quickly, they could be in deep debt.
     Despite the apparent benefits to this plan for both the city and the people of Canton, it is an unpopular proposal. Numerous jobs would have to be cut for this merger to be successful, putting many teachers out of work. Timken and McKinley have always differed in what they view as important.
     “The district always favored McKinley because McKinley’s sports team was the biggest thing in the district. Timken was always exceeding in academics,” Timken alum Brandon Cole said.
     McKinley’s sports programs are superior to Timken’s, though Timken has better career programs and academic opportunities. These things are too much for students, teachers and alum to abandon.
     One Timken student, McKenzie Dalton, has started a petition to try and stop the merger from happening.
     According to, McKenzie said, “One problem this proposal creates is chaos and negative atmosphere in the school environment. Causing such a situation will affect everybody in the school and the community. Given the history of tension between McKinley and Timken, the merging will more than likely force many aggressive situations.”
     The merger of McKinley and Timken is unpopular but likely to occur for economic reasons.

Children Enjoy Kandy Kane Express Festivities at City Hall

The Kandy Kane Express Holiday Festival hosted by the Dane Foundation came to the Stow City Hall Council Chambers on Sunday, December 7. The event featured a mini christmas tree display and auction, along with cookie,stocking and hat decorating. There were characters including Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Anna, Elsa and Olaf from Disney’s frozen, Kandy the Kandy Kane,the Ghostbusters and Rudolph made an appearance to take pictures with children. The festival also included The Elf shoppe, which had items for both children and adults. “I’m excited to see Kandy The Kandy Kane, and Santa maybe,” 11-year old Jenna said. The activities at the festival included cookDSC_0127ie making, stocking and hat decorating, ornament making and decorating.  The cookies were served and sponsored by Smith Dairy. Each activity cost a certain amount of tickets, and all the proceeds went to the Dane Foundation. To get into the festival, patrons were asked to make a donation of everyday toiletry items which included shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, paper towels, etc. All items and donations went to the Dane Foundation. The Dane Foundation tends to the unique needs of individuals with physical and developmental disabilities. Families were able to become an Elf at the Kandy Kane Express Holiday Festival. The festival also supports Project Elf. Project Elf is a fundraiser where families adopt families or individuals with disabilities and buy Christmas presents for them. The Dane Foundation also provides things that are not available through typical support services. The items include toilet paper, hygiene, cleaning, adaptive equipment and household items that offer comfort and enhance the quality of life. The Dane Foundation was named after Dane Edward Moser, who was born with multiple disabilities. His Cerebral Palsy affected his entire life, but he was said to never wallow in it and moved forward. Moser quietly passed away in August of 2009. Moser represents the successes people hope to have in their lives. His story tells of a young man who had overcome obstacles so he could inspire others. The Kandy Kane Express also supported Ms. Wheelchair USA organization on December 7. The Ms. Wheelchair USA  promotes glamour, self-confidence and community service, celebrating achievements of women with disabilities.  The Ms. Wheelchair USA organization was founded over 15 years ago as an Ohio-only competition, but has grown to national proportions in 2007 and is continuing to prosper The program provides opportunities for women with disabilities to show off their achievements and to educate and advocate others, while supplying a platform for community service and public decision. The program focuses on women’s abilities not, disabilities. The Ms. Wheelchair USA organization encourages professional advancement and require a public service. The program is not a beauty pageant, but has glamour, phases of competition including professional production numbers, entertainment and public appearances,  and with crowning on national television. The program is presented by The Dane Foundation. Lowery Lockard, President of the Dane Foundation said, “Project Elf serves five hundred people with disabilities each year.”