‘Friday Friends’ help Riverview students

Bt Jurnee Starks

Recently students of the high school called “Friday Friends” visited Riverview. They were there to be  models to the kids and showed them how to have fun just being themselves.

They were meant to be there to help the kids cope with anger and how to deal with tough situations.

They all had specific section that taught the kids communication, how to make friends, and personal space.

The section that had to do with communication taught kids that everyone communicates differently. The students also played games to see how well they listened.

The activities that had to do with making friends showed the kids that you must be yourself and have fun and people will like you.

An area to teach Personal Space helped  the kids learn that everyone needs personal space and they should respect it.

Friday Friends visit Riverview every 4-6 weeks and are glad too. This is the second year that Friday Friends has visited Riverview.

The teachers and staff who put this together and helped make this happened were Elizabeth Prospt, Mark Treen, Amanda Murray, Jeanie Castrigano, Laurel Hughes, Heidi Der, Sally Dean, and Riverview principal Traci Kosmach.

The high school group was split up into two groups, one for grades 1 and 2, and the other for 3 and 4.

As soon as the Riverview students entered the room they got excited and talked to all the high school students individually or in a small group.

The main goal of this activity to have kids look up to student who have been successful and who have been working hard. They want to show that working hard will bring success to anyone’s lives.

This project took time to plan out, but thanks to Vice Principal Mark Treen, other staff members, and the students who participated in the project, it came true and will change some children’s lives.


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