DECA students show off latest prom fashions

Beaded dresses, gemstone dresses, strapless and sweetheart neck dresses, short and long, puffy, mermaid and straight; it all was modeled at DECA’s Prom fashion show last Friday. Black and white jackets and pants, yellow, red, hot pink, teal, green, blue, white, and black ties and vests. Red, blue, black suspenders and bow ties, top hats and canes; yes, it was all modeled as well.

On Friday March 6, the Business and Merchandise Career Program, “DECA,” hosted, prepared, and modeled a Prom Fashion show.

This fashion show was put on with the help of Kent Roosevelt’s Cosmetology Program, Mary-Kay Cosmetics, David’s Bridal and Tuxedo Function.

All the gowns modeled were from David’s Bridal and all tuxes were from Tuxedo Junction.

This fashion show was held during third and most of fourth period. Tickets were sold during lunch on Wednesday through early Friday. Tickets were $2 each.

All seniors received a yellow line marked on their tickets. This yellow mark was put on the tickets for the ones drawing to be aware and knowledgeable of it. All seniors were to be given a special reward, if drawn. The special senior rewards were a prom ticket or a senior banquet ticket. Others received gift cards to restaurants around Stow, such as the ice cream shop Handle’s.

The fashion show was held in the auditorium seat sections closets to the stage.

It was not just classmates modeling prom dresses. There were also several acts put on.

Senior Rachel Huber performed the opening act by baton twirling to “Great Gatsby.” Huber baton twirled starting with only one baton then progressed to two and ended with three.

Then after her performance, the first run of selected couples walked out and modeled their prom fashions. After that, the second act was performed by Jalen Hooks, who sang.

As the next group of dresses and tuxedos were modeled, the third act was preparing to go on stage. Austin Raleigh rapped a song he wrote himself. Although he was a little nervous and re-performed at the end of the night, everyone cheered for him to come back on stage immediately after the modeling from David’s Bridal and Tuxedo Junction was done.

The fourth act was sang by the amazing Kayla Thompson. Thompson sang “Listen” by Beyonce. After her performance the finale runway walk was done and the finale dresses were modeled.

Then there was a finale act put on by Ashley Ostrowski , President of DECA and the person who was in charge of the fashion show. She also modeled dresses throughout the fashion show. She performed a lyrical dance.

The group of girls and boys in DECA whom modeled the dresses and tuxes on the runway were Alayna Bechtel, Ashley Ostrowski, Rebecca McClelland, Gino DeMarino, Abby Haynes, Jake Dohar, Nina Capatosto, Blake Stevens, Zach Taylor, Tyler Bonina, Tyler Hallam, Jalen Hooks, Tyler Bonina, Rachel Johnson, Alliah Awad, Summer Passeos and Chrissie Vaughan.

The two DECA teachers in charge, Lisa Mowls and Carrie Harris were honored and presented flowers.


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