Jade’s March Favorites

We all have been yearning for the signs of spring. This month should bring relief for each desperate Ohioan. Yes, March will be the end of the snow, which definitely makes it a glorious and favorite time.

This month has also brought about many beloved favorites to me and many other students.

The first and most important part of loving March comes with one single day: March 21. This is the first full day of spring; however, it does not mean the weather will hit at least 40 degrees, but we can hope.

Along with spring comes St. Patrick’s day–one of those “what is this holiday even for” holidays. Many question its purpose, including me. Whether or not if someone knows its true meaning, the holiday brings along the darling specialty at McDonald’s: the Shamrock Shake. With the minty flavor and decorative green tint, you do not have to be Irish to know it is delicious.

Shamrock Shakes are not the only delectable part of March: Rita’s finally reopens for their spring and summer hours. Rita’s, which reopens on March 20, is known for their luscious soft serve and their variety of creamy slushies called Blendinis. Some Blendini flavors include raspberry lemonade, cotton candy, mint and lime; however, there are so many more from which to choose. Both the Blendini and regular soft serve ice cream are superb. Rita’s is surely a spot more people should check out for their next ice cream craving. The closest location is on 2328 State Road in Cuyahoga Falls.

March also can bring along many memories for students. This is the time of the year when the I-X Indoor Amusement Park opens. One of the major things I remember doing as a child was going to this indoor park, loving to eat the greasy food and getting extremely dizzy on the rides. The whole experience was such a blast.

Many other students may have the same flashbacks of the live performances, animal shows, huge ferris wheel and spinny rides as well. Some may even remember the old commercial with that little jingle, which was made up of the name of the park being sung by children whose bodies formed into an I and an X, along with the words. No matter the memories associated with this awesome place, it will open on March 26 and run through April 9, so it would be a great idea to go with a younger sibling or child soon. Both of you will have a great time. The I-X Indoor Amusement Park is located in Cleveland on 6200 Riverside Drive.

Another favorite this month will for sure be the movie,“Insurgent.” I am just one of many who read the whole “Divergent” series and fell in love. That fact that the movie for the second book is out in March makes this month so much more exciting. This action-packed movie, featuring a dystopian society, comes out on March 20. Anyone who likes thrilling fiction should certainly read the series and watch the movies.

Lastly, the end of March is always favorable since it is the start of Spring Break. Many will venture to beaches and warmer climates; however, the relief from school is quite enough for some. This Spring Break starts on March 23 and goes until March 27, but there are also weekends at the beginning and end of the break, which extends the time we are off.

There are many events, places and desserts to love in March. Each is only around for a limited time, so take advantage of everything this month because before you know it, someone will be fooling you with a devious practical joke on the first of April.


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