‘House of Cards’ loved by many

By Ryan Stone

Shows like “Dexter” and “Breaking Bad” have become  extremely popular to the general public in the past few years. Through the use of Hulu and Netflix many people have the desire to start to watch a new series. The show for people who like these programs is here. The name of this television series is “House of Cards.”  “House of Cards” features Kevin Spacey as the main character; however, it is not correct to call him a good guy. This show features all of the following: money, greed, dirty politics and what life could be life for a congressman who has a desire burning for more political power.

“House of Cards” had its entire first season of 13 episodes released to Netflix on Feb. 1, 2013 and is based off the novel by Michael Dobbs, which is also titled “House of Cards.” This was Dobbs first novel, and it was published in 1989. Dobbs is an Oxford graduate and was an advisor to Margaret Thatcher for Britain’s conservative political party.

Netflix has just recently released the third season. “House Of Cards” has been gaining popularity to the public with every passing episode.

“‘House of Cards’ is a really good show, and Kevin Spacey is an awesome actor,” sophomore Jacob Dewald said.

“House of cards” continues to gain popularity mainly because Kevin Spacey is liked by many people ever since his release of the 1999 film “American Beauty.”

Spacey plays a character by the name of Francis Underwood who is a congressman of South Carolina. Spacey is not the only brilliant actor in the cast: upcoming actress Kate Mara also is a fan favorite. She will be playing the Invisible Woman in the reboot of Marvel’s “Fantastic 4,” which will be coming out later this year.

The show is something American people can really rally behind. People will have interest in the show because they  have curiosity of what the nation’s leaders do in their downtime, or how they get people to be on their side with the proposal of bills, resolutions and re-election campaigns. This is a satisfying realistic fictional story of how determined men stop at nothing to accomplish their goals.

This program has won 2 Golden Globes with 12 other awards and 87 nominations since its premier in 2013, so it is safe to say that many people are enjoying watching the season thus far.

“House of Cards” is highly recommended to all who are hunting for a new series on Netflix or Hulu.


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