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Cornerstone Market and Deli suffers damage due to fire

By: Morgan Walko

The Cornerstone Market and Deli suffered immense damage due to a fire. The store burned to the ground on Wed., May 27.

The market closed at 7 p.m. and all employees left. The fire department received a call about the incident at 10:19 p.m. The building was empty, so there were no injuries.

The cause of the fire is still unknown and firefighters believe it may be awhile until they know what really happened. All of the employees had left; therefore, no one saw what happened.

Hardly anything remains of the store. The building and everything inside of it is considered a total loss.

A customer of the store decided to start an online fundraiser campaign for the owners of the store. Many people have donated already.

The damage done to the store will take a large amount of money to fix. The owners will have to rebuild the market and buy more supplies. They hope to be back in business as soon as they can put together the money.

Stow Police raises awareness for Click It or Ticket campaign

The Stow Police are working with the State of Ohio to raise awareness for the national Click It or Ticket mobilization which is running from May 18 to the 31.

The Click IIMG_3438t or Ticket campaign is to encourage and remind people the importance to wear their seat belts. Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death among those aged 1-54 in the U.S. The Click It or Ticket campaign is an effort to decrease the deaths caused by the crashes.

Though the campaign is being enforced both day and night, the mobilization is being enforced more on the night time violators between the hours of 6 p.m. and 5:59 a.m. The night enforcement is due to the lack of clicking it less during the night and more during the day. More crashes and violators are found during the night due to the lack of light and ignorance of officers on the road during the late hours.

According to, during the 2015 campaign, law enforcement agencies across the nation will conduct intensive, high visibility enforcement of seatbelt laws during both daytime and nighttime hours. Using seat belts can save lives as using a regular seat belt can reduce fatal injury by 50 %.

Though not wearing a seat belt is not a primary offense, officers are able to ticket someone pulled over for another offense for not wearing a seatbelt. During the campaign, officers will be on higher alert for violators not wearing their seatbelt, and it will continue after the effort ends.

Officer Smith said, “There is a big gain from a simple three second action, we always assume it’s not going to happen to us, but crashes happen every day in the state of Ohio, the assumption should always be made that it might happen to you, it only takes a short amount of time to snap your seatbelt. It becomes a habit.

April provides many favorites for students

For some people, the first day of April is the worst day of the whole year, but for others, this day is the most hilarious day ever. Although April Fool’s Day is one of the most playful days of the month, April has many other favorited events, places and moments to offer.

April Fool’s Day is full of envious and malicious pranks on friends and family. Some of the best pranks I have heard of are the ones that are physical pranks, not just someone telling his mom that he got arrested or telling a friend you are moving.

Get a rubber band or tape, and wrap it around the movable spray hose that is attached to a sink. Once the hose is completely compressed with the tape, the next person to turn on the water will get blasted with water from the spray hose.

Another comical prank involves plastic wrap or clear food wrap. If you cover a doorway with the wrap during the night or when someone cannot notice you, the next person to walk through the door will smash through and get caught by the plastic. An even more insidious trick would be to place the plastic wrap on a toilet bowl; however, this one is rather dirty and mean.

On a less mischievous note, April has brought along one of the most beloved seasons. Spring is the savior for everyone’s hatred for the cold and loss of color. Spring is the start to all of the beautiful colors in nature. Many flowers are starting to bloom and the is weather leaving behind the negative numbers.

One of the first signs of spring is the green grass; most people like seeing the pop of green and love hearing the start of lawn mowers. These signs and sounds show everyone that summer is right around the corner. The lack of a wintry breeze and falling snow allows for open windows and afternoon walks. Spring weather is the perfect outdoors activity weather: it is not smoldering hot and is not too chilly.

April’s splendid temperatures make Hudson Springs Park a perfect option for a Saturday afternoon activity or a Sunday morning relaxation place. There is a playground for children to enjoy, along with a beautiful wooded path for walking. This trail encircles a large lake that can be used to fish and also canoe across. I have been going to this park since I was a small child and continue to enjoy everything it offers. I, along with many others, also enjoy using their disk golf course.

Disk golf is an endeavor that may be unknown to many. One tries to throw a frisbee far distances, like in golf, to make it into to a sort of catching post. No matter the activity at this park, there are many entertaining and relaxing aspects. Hudson Springs Park is located at 7095 Stow Road in Hudson.

Another park in the community, which is perfect to visit on an April day, is called Bow Wow Beach. As one can tell by the name, this place is not primarily for humans; however, dogs love to take a trip in the car to this destination. There is plenty of room for you and your dog to play, and there is also a little pond for the dogs. If your dog likes to play fetch or hangout with other puppies, this place is a great hangout for the little pups. Bow Wow Beach is located on 5070 Stow Road in Stow.

April also presents one of the most colorful holidays. With egg painting and egg hunts, Easter is definitely a dream for children. This dream sticks with everyone as they grow up though. Easter candy is what makes the lovely feeling continue on into adulthood. With Reese’s exclusive Easter peanut buttercups and Cadbury eggs, one cannot go wrong with this holiday’s sweets.

Some time after Easter, drive-in movie theaters open. The closest locations are at 2736 OH-59 in Ravenna and at 5602 S. Cleveland-Massillon Road in Barberton. Drive-ins are a totally different experience than regular theaters, and they are even better when one is able to sit in the back-end of a car or truck and cuddle up in blankets to watch the film.

With all of the introductions to spring and interesting places to travel, many are becoming excited to venture outside and leave their houses. April has shown many favorited moments since the break of the harsh winter. Many students are relieved that they can finally step outside without a million layers of jackets on.

Although some may wish for summer right now, try to enjoy the cool weather and blooming trees because before you know it, school will be coming to a close with a rush of final studying and goodbyes.


‘Friday Friends’ help Riverview students

Bt Jurnee Starks

Recently students of the high school called “Friday Friends” visited Riverview. They were there to be  models to the kids and showed them how to have fun just being themselves.

They were meant to be there to help the kids cope with anger and how to deal with tough situations.

They all had specific section that taught the kids communication, how to make friends, and personal space.

The section that had to do with communication taught kids that everyone communicates differently. The students also played games to see how well they listened.

The activities that had to do with making friends showed the kids that you must be yourself and have fun and people will like you.

An area to teach Personal Space helped  the kids learn that everyone needs personal space and they should respect it.

Friday Friends visit Riverview every 4-6 weeks and are glad too. This is the second year that Friday Friends has visited Riverview.

The teachers and staff who put this together and helped make this happened were Elizabeth Prospt, Mark Treen, Amanda Murray, Jeanie Castrigano, Laurel Hughes, Heidi Der, Sally Dean, and Riverview principal Traci Kosmach.

The high school group was split up into two groups, one for grades 1 and 2, and the other for 3 and 4.

As soon as the Riverview students entered the room they got excited and talked to all the high school students individually or in a small group.

The main goal of this activity to have kids look up to student who have been successful and who have been working hard. They want to show that working hard will bring success to anyone’s lives.

This project took time to plan out, but thanks to Vice Principal Mark Treen, other staff members, and the students who participated in the project, it came true and will change some children’s lives.