Public Library to have a Noon Year’s Eve Party

By Naudia Patel

New Year’s Eve is a new start for everyone. Students, teachers and almost any person with any job gets the day off, and they get to start working towards their goals.

The Stow Munroe Falls Public Library is having a Noon Year’s Eve party, and it is taking place on Dec. 31. The party is starting thirty minutes before noon, hence the name Noon Year’s Eve.

“Ring in the new year with Miss Amy and Miss Kristin during our fun-filled Noon Year’s Eve Party for all ages Thursday, December 31 at 11:30 a.m,” said. 

According to the library’s website, this event is geared for children but can be for people of all ages.

“We will share a story, fun dance songs, snacks and a couple of seasonal short animated films based on classic children’s books,” said.

As said above, there will be many activities for children including some short films. This party allows children to experience the fun time people have when they celebrate New Year’s together with friends and family. Children eventually turn into teenagers and then into adults. The Noon Year’s Eve party will be a more friendly version of a teenage or adult version of a real New Year’s party.

At real New Year’s parties, people almost always count down to midnight. In this kid friendly version of a New Year’s party, they will count down to noon. This way younger children can grasp an idea of what their future years might be like. 

“And of course we will count down to 2016 just before noon that day with all kinds of noise-making tools like bubble wrap and shakers. No registration required for this event.” said. 

Imagine how much fun a young family member would have meeting many other children their age and making a lot of new friendships. Also, the activities they will have set up are fun for children. When Ava Ross, a preschooler at Indian Trail, was being interviewed  said….

 “I would like that (If she could go to the Noon Year’s Eve party.) I love dancing and singing. Yes, I do like watching movies,” preschooler Ava Ross said.

Ava Ross is five years old and likes to play with play doh, baby dolls, barbies, makeup, jewelry, dresses, stuffed animals, fake fairy wings, toy cash registers, and many more things. Ava and her twin brother, Gavin Ross, both agree that this party centered for their age group sounds like so much fun.

New Years is when people set new goals and achievements to accomplish. What the event planners at the Stow Munroe Falls Public Library could have done differently when creating this event was use ten to fifteen minutes and have the guests create a New Year’s Resolutions list. Teaching children how to make a New Year’s Resolutions list will most likely make this tradition pass down to many other generations.

The Noon Year’s Eve party is a great way to teach children the cultures and traditions of America. It could teach more traditions of the American culture, but it is also great as what it already is. A large group of citizens of of Stow will most likely show up at this children’s event.


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