Many watch Victoria’s Secret fashion show

By Dema Obaid

One of the most glam nights of the whole year on television happened on Dec. 8. 

Victoria’s Secret hosted their annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, and they did not only model lingerie, but they told a story while doing so.

The show had six themes to it: Boho Psychedelic, Portrait of Angels, Exotic Butterflies, Ice Angels, Fireworks and Pink USA. These six themes consisted of 75 looks that the 44 genetically beautiful models showed off down the runway. One model this year was favorite Kardashian, Kendall Jenner. Her mom, Kris Jenner, was there front row cheering her on and taking pictures. 

To kick off the show,  The Weeknd performed “In the Night” and “Can’t Feel My Face” on the runway while the models strutted by and danced along.

“I think The Weeknd performed very well considering it was live. [It was] Definitely one of the best live performances I’ve seen,” freshman Bissan Obaid said.

Next, the very graceful Ellie Goulding preformed her song “Army” off of her new album which was perfect for the theme “Ice Angels”.

“Ellie Goulding was the perfect performance choice for the show. Her singing fit the theme [Ice Angels] perfectly,” sophomore Theresa Parr said.

To finish off the show, Selena Gomez performed her new songs, “Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself” and “My Girls.” 

She got a lot of hate towards her live performance, but she did not let the comments get her down.

On one of the Victoria’s Secret’s post on Instagram of Selena Gomez performing, there were many comments about her singing with autotune and lip syncing. Selena commented back and told her haters off.

Overall, the show was very pleasing to the eye and each and every model looked beautiful in their own ways.


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