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Gobble honored with award

 By Dema Obaid

 Out of 15 schools in the Suburban League, senior running back Jayson Gobble was honored with the 2015 Suburban League Award Player of the Year. Gobble has been playing football for Stow since 2006, when he was just 6 years old.

      He was inspired to play by his older brother Aaron when he was younger. Gobble is a excellent player today and has always loved football since day one.

      Gobble feels very honored and accomplished for receiving this award. He would like to thank his family, friends, coaches, and especially his teammates for their support.

     “I thank all my team and my blockers especially for helping me,” Gobble said.

     As Gobble’s position as being the running back he has scored 33 touchdowns and 2,009 rushing yards so far this season. The boys definitely would not have been able to pull out an undefeated regular season and into the fourth round of playoffs without Gobbles leadership and performance on the field.

     “I add another aspect to our team that other teams would look to be as a threat,” Gobble. said.

     Gobble’s teammates also agrees that he add a lot to the team, on and off the field.

     “Jay is a huge part of the team because he always does his job. That makes him a good role model for the rest of us, so we can do our jobs and that’s what puts points on the board,” Anthony D’alessandro said.

     Junior quarterback Kyle Vantrease and Gobble have a great connection on the field, contributing to Gobble’s high scoring games.

     “Our relationship off the field is great, we are like brothers and on the field is the same way. In the backfield we have like a sense of what each other is going to do and it helps our mesh a lot and that’s how we are so successful,” Vantrease said.

     Gobble is a great role model for everyone especially the underclassman. He is always on everyone to be doing their best. He is an unbelievable running back and he is able to carry the team when he is needed.

     The boys are now in the fourth round of playoffs after beating Midpark, Solon, and Olentangy, which is the farthest the Bulldogs have ever gone through the playoffs in history. They will take on Lakewood St. Eds, the returning state champions two years in a row, on Sat, Nov. 28.



Be happy, be different

    By Mya Cannon

All around the world people are trying to be accepted by society and get their ideas of perfection from the celebrities they look up to.

    Most of the teenagers in today’s generation want to be accepted by the people around them and will pretend to be someone they are not to do be accepted.

    While not everyone pretends to be someone they are not to be accepted by others, many people do.

    Today kids seem to dress alike, act alike, and do the same things. If people notice multiple celebrities wearing or using the same things, people automatically think that thing is cool and they want it. Eventually a lot of people have the things that they saw multiple celebrities using.  If someone does not have that object they “do not know what’s cool.”

    When one looks up to a celebrity, they see that person as perfect or close to perfect, because they are liked all around the world by a lot of people.  As a result, they think if they dress or act like the celebrity they look up so they will be accepted too.

    While almost every celebrity is looked up to in some way, shape, or form, whether it being the way they dress or their personality, some celebrities address how the media has a huge effect on the way people are.

    The musical group, Green Day, addresses how the media greatly affects how people act in their well know song “American Idiot” by saying,  “One nation controlled by the media.” This lyric tells how people are “controlled” by the media  and do what they believe is popular in the media’s eyes.

    Everywhere in the world there are outlets that manipulate people into thinking something is cool.  It could be on TV, in a movie, or in song lyrics.

       People will stop doing something that makes them happy if they are afraid they will be judged because people think that it is weird.

    Celebrities are asked on red carpets what they are wearing.  This is a way for designers to advertise their clothes because if someone sees their favorite celebrity wearing something they might want to get it, or something that looks similar to it.

    People who make things sometimes pay popular celebrities to be seen out in public with that product so people will want to buy that product because it is “cool.”

     No one should be afraid to be who they are if being themselves makes them happy even if people think it is weird.

Thanksgiving traditions

By Grace Flinn

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday of blessings and giving thanks on the fourth Thursday of  November each year.   

      It was first celebrated in 1621 when the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians shared their harvest. Families have their own or follow the same traditions on the holiday. When one thinks of Thanksgiving they think of the traditional Thanksgiving feast: turkey or ham, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and pie for dessert. Before the Thanksgiving dinner some families join together around the table and give thanks for the food they are provided. After the families finish their Thanksgiving dinner, two individuals take the “wishbone” the bone attached to the breast meat in the turkey’s chest. They each take and end of the wishbone and make a wish. They pull on each end to break the wishbone in two, and whomever has the bigger piece, their wish will come true.

     Thanksgiving Day is the busiest travel day of the year when families travel far distances to be with their loved ones. Giving thanks is an important part of this special holiday. Family and friends get together and think about the moments they cherish and are grateful for they have. We are reminded on this day it is important to give thanks and share and give. Some families even like to help others in need that do not have the home or family to visit on Thanksgiving Day. Some will volunteer to help serve or donate to the homeless, Thanksgiving food at homeless shelters.

     Before the Thanksgiving feast, loved ones gather to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There are many bands and floats with giant balloons shown in the parade, along with dancers and singers. Also, the traditional football games on television. It is a day to relax with your family and sit around to enjoy the Thanksgiving food.

    Thanksgiving Day allows families to get in the Christmas Holiday spirit. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving where it gives a day for one to shop for the holiday season at stores with the best deals. Some stores and malls start their deals on Thanksgiving Day to give more time for people to get shopping done. Although, some might think it will cut into the family time they need on the special holiday.

     Thanksgiving is not all about the food, football games, parade, and shopping. It is a day to spend time with loved ones, and give to others. It reminds people to be grateful for what they have.

Strong start for Speech and Debate

    By Sophia Boris

The SMFHS speech and debate team began their year on a good note.

There are weekly tournaments held at different schools including the high school, Kimpton and Lakeview. This past weekend the students at SMFHS participated in a tournament at Stow high school.

Perry High School placed first overall for the tournament. Stow ended up placing third overall.

Coach of speech and debate team Ms. Theisen said, “Overall the results were very well.”  

Also sophomore Sarah Laubaugh said, “Stow did really well, I am proud of my entire team.”

Teams are not just judged as a team but also by individual and team performances. There are multiple categories you can choose to compete from. For example, one category you can choose from is argumentative. Every category has a winner.

The speech team at Stow had a  successful weekend in these individual and team performances. Seniors Matt McCombs and Cam Stebbins placed third in duo interpretation. Also juniors Savannah Novak and her partner Elizabeth Angeletti placed fifth in duo interpretation. Along with these performances seniors Maddy Light and Samantha Wilcox placed 2nd in duo. Lastly junior Chloe Holm topped it off by placing 1st in poetry.

Stow’s speech and debate team having a triumphant weekend, Theisen looks to have further success this year.

“Each week the teams getting better,” Theisen said.

These weekly tournaments are preparing the team for districts and states later this season.

There was a huge turnout for this event, with 663 people, and 179 adult judges.

“We could not have done all of this without the help of our parent boosters who fed everyone, the wonderful administration who lets us use the schools for these events, and special thanks to the TWE that stayed all day and helped with electrical issues,” Theisen said.

The speech and debate team does not only work together in school, but they act as one unit. They are like a family.

The SMFHS speech and debate team strives to continue their season on a good note.

Sophomore Annemarie McCombs said, “Ms. Theisen is the light of my world and the love of my life.”