Homecoming 2019

Ayla Morris

   Homecoming: the most pivotal point of most high school students’ year. Almost everyone in highschool goes to homecoming every year. A lot of people’s favorite part is dressing up.

     “I like dressing up fancy and seeing everyone else’s fancy dresses too,” junior, Claire Hawes, said. 

      Not only do students get to dress up for the dance, but they get to get excited for the dance by dressing up for spirit days.“I love spirit weeks i always go all out for every day they make school so much more fun,” Hawes said. 

     Student council plans for all the homecoming events leading up to the dance, and the dance itself. 

      “It’s very hectic with all the different committees and planning things other than StuCo stuff, but it’s really cool to see how it all comes together in the end, especially the festival”, Williams Boggs said. 

     Students enjoy taking pictures in their nice clothes and then following that with dinner. Many fancy dinner places are packed on homecoming night. 

      Homecoming also comes with court. On court there is one freshman couple, one sophomore couple, two junior couples, and four senior couples on court. Students run for all kinds of reasons. 

     “We ran because we have been dating since freshman year and have ran for court before but didn’t win. We just kept trying each year and I think it will be really fun and add to the homecoming experience,” Hawes said. 

     Many students opinions differ about the actual dance. Half of the students do not care for the music when the other half love it. It changes every year. 

   “I hope they play good music, I’m really excited to see what the dance committee puts together,” Boggs said. 

     The dance is an exciting time for everyone. Many students are excited for it. 

     “I’m excited about the dance. I am excited about hanging out with my friends,” junior, Joshua Christy, said. 

    The theme of the dance is Old Hollywood. The theme changes every year and students opinions of it always differ. 

     “It’s okay, but I don’t know what old Hollywood even means”, Christy said. 

  The dance is always a good time for many students and is sure to be again this year. 



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