Make the Grade Comes to Stow

     To highlight hardworking students, Stow has joined Akron Beacon Journal’s recognition program called “Make the Grade”.

     “Make the Grade” is a weekly article that features teenagers of character. It varies from elementary to high school students, teachers and staff. 

     It was launched Sept. 9th, 2019, and all Summit County schools are invited to be a part of the program. The central office of the district made the decision to become a part of it, and the superintendent sent an informational email to all of the schools.

      The program is a great new way for the school to highlight people in the district and county, and the high school principal Dr. Jeffrey Hartmann is excited to be a part of it.

     Hartmann says he thinks it will be good for the students and staff, because “positive recognition is always helpful.”

          The reporter of “Make the Grade” is Jennifer Pignolet. She has been writing for Akron Beacon since April 2019.

     The article contains four categories: Amazing Teachers, Difference Makers, Kids of Character and Teens of Character.

      “Schools submit their nominations a week ahead of publication, we pick two winners and then they answer questions, along with a photo that our photographers take [of the students] at their school,” Pignolet explained.

     The ages of students and schools vary every week. Every school involved will be featured a few times throughout the year.

          Pignolet believes, “It is important for the community to see the success of students and to highlight the work that regular people do in schools everyday. There is so much good happening in schools that people don’t get to hear about enough, and this is a great way to do that.”

    “Make the Grade” welcomes the opportunity to recognize deserving educational members of Summit County. The most recent article can be read here.     



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