Stonut Donut Review – Ava Loeffler

 Calling anyone who wants breakfast, lunch and dinner–head over to a little diner known as Stownut Donut. 

     When we entered the restaurant, it almost had a ‘60s type of feeling about it. The decorations were nicely placed and made you feel at home. The waitress came over in a short amount of time and was very polite. 

     Ava ordered the #7, which contained two eggs, toast and your choice of potatoes or meat. Courtney got the #3, and it consisted of two texas-style pieces of french toast with a choice of bacon, sausage or ham. Ava got scrambled eggs, white toast and got potatoes. 

     She thought the eggs were good but a bit dry, and needed salt, but overall, it was pretty good. The toast was rather delicious after she added butter on it, she said. She thinks that was the best thing on her plate. 

     As for the potatoes, she thought those were good as well. They were seasoned perfectly; she tried them with ketchup, and they were even better than before. Overall, she said it was good so she’d rate it a 7/10. 

     Courtney got French toast with bacon. She thought the French toast was good, especially with syrup, and they had powdered sugar on them, which made them even better. The display of the French toast was good, as they looked like they were made at a fancy five-star restaurant. The bacon was good, maybe not the best thing on her plate but overall, pretty good. 

     The price range is relatively cheap depending on what you get. Both meals were $9.99 with many other options on the menu. 

One can find this small gem located in the Oregon Trails Plaza, down the street from the high school. They’re open from 6:30 a.m. – 2 p.m most days. This restaurant is definitely suitable for families and children but maybe not large groups considering there is not much room inside, but the outside would be good for a larger group. Altogether, this restaurant is a nice and comfortable place to eat and relax while enjoying some delicious food.


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