Faking Confidence – Camryn Welsh

 Confidence is a beautiful skill to have, but sometimes it does not come naturally. For those who are not born with confidence, just fake it until you make it.

     Confidence in simpler terms is when a person feels sure of themself and their abilities. Many people see confidence as a green flag, specifically in interviews, a workplace or in school. With this extremely important trait existing, it is necessary that one uses it to their advantage–whether it is real or fake. 

     Sophomore, Anderson Hurst, is one of the students who has had to fake confidence in certain aspects of his life.

     “I tend to display more confidence when I’m meeting people, especially in formal settings, and when someone is making my siblings uncomfortable, I’ll show more confidence to make them more comfortable and to show the person that what they are doing won’t make it past me,” Hurst stated. 

     Outside of faking confidence in favor of oneself, it can be incredibly useful to fake confidence for others. Hurst uses fake confidence as a way to make his siblings feel more comfortable.

     While faking confidence can help in job interviews or with the people one may care about, there are plenty of other reasons why faking confidence can be helpful and useful in life. 

     “Faking confidence is useful when you’re out of your comfort zone because it’s not evident that you’re uncomfortable, and it makes you seem more mature by the way you hold yourself, possibly giving you more opportunities in life,” Hurst explained. 

     When it is evident that someone is uncomfortable in whatever position they are in, it can be difficult to trust that person. If that person fakes confidence and appears to be comfortable in their position, more people will be likely to trust them.

     Adding onto Hurst’s point that confidence can be faked for someone’s loved ones, others can truly benefit from someone else faking confidence.

     “Faking confidence can help you and the people around you grow as people. It’s a fake it till-you make it scenario. The more you act confident, after a while, you will become truly confident,” Hurst said.

     All of the proof can be in the puzzle. When someone proves that faking confidence makes them truly confident, the people around them will try the same strategies they did. 

     Faking confidence is extremely helpful in the event of showing up for others and putting on a “brave face.” More people will be likely to believe in that person, making that person believe in themselves.

     In the end, nobody can notice whether one’s confidence is fake or not, so try it out—there is nothing to lose. Faking confidence seriously can change someone’s life for the better. 

     Motivational speaker, Brian Tracy once said, “Fake it until you make it! Act as if you had all the confidence you require until it becomes your reality.”


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