Women’s Rights – Emily Bezjeck

  Women’s right have been a ongoing issue for years and years. Women’s rights are important and need to be taking into consideration. Women’s History month is March and there are many ways we can advocate for them

     Women all around the globe tend to face issues like getting paid less then men in the workplace for doing the exact same job. On average women tend to get 20% less money then men in the workplace 

     “Women ages 25 to 34 earned 83 cents for every dollar a men made.” said pewreserch.org

     Only 8.8% of CEOs are women and the rest are men. With this it shows that women have less job opportunities then men. 

     Women now only have about ¾ of legal rights afforded to men. A big issue in the world recently is that the government is trying to take away women’s rights to a free and legal abortion. 

      Ohio had and has been trying to ban all abortions and with this women would lose there right to their own bodies. 

     Women’s rights are extremely important especially in today’s society, everyone should have a voice and be able to speak freely. 

    You can help advocate for womens rights by helping out at organizations and helping at womens shelters.  All women should have the same basic rights as men. 

      In 1920 the government passed a law that let all women vote and that moved us one step closer for equlity for women. 

    Susan B Anthony is one of the best known women’s right activist, she fought for equal pay, the rights of labor, and equal work opportunities. She was also the president of the National Women suffrage association which she founded with Elizabeth Cady Stanton. 


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