Helping Communities – Maddie Cugini

Throughout the United States, certain marginalized groups of people need help. Today, I want to see if we are doing enough to help these groups. From people of color to social classes, to members of the LGBTQ+ community and so many more, many communities are currently struggling.

     The United States’s homeless population is ever-growing, with nearly 580,000 people experiencing homelessness in 2020. The main reasons for the growing homeless population include growing rental prices, evictions and job losses due to COVID-19.

     However, the government is doing some things to help the homeless. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is the leading agency to address homelessness, funding emergency shelters, permanent housing and transitional housing.

     There are many ways that you can help the homeless in the community. The important thing is to do your research and understand them. There are many reasons why a person can end up homeless, and research can allow people to understand the homeless community better. Other ways include helping to educate others, removing stigmatizing language from your vocabulary and many more.

     Another community that has recently been under attack by the government is the drag community. The state of Tennessee is currently introducing legislation that would ban public drag performances. Senate Bill 3 and its companion, House Bill 9, would ban “adult cabaret performances,” including “male or female impersonators,” from taking place in public or any location where a minor could view it.

     This decision is extremely harmful. The drag community is beneficial. It is an artistic outlet full of talented performers who deserve recognition. As a fan of the drag community, I sincerely hope that more states don’t decide to follow this idea, as it would cause so much damage to so many people and their livelihoods.

     Probably the most attacked community right now is the trans community. All around the United States, anti-trans bills are being introduced, with over 350 active. All over the country, these bills are being introduced, primarily affecting minors. The most common are bathroom/locker room bans, youth sports bans and bans/restrictions on transgender or gender-affirming medical care.

     More needs to be done to help these communities, but the most that can be done is to raise awareness for these communities and the harm being done to them. Taking action and raising awareness is one of the best ways to help make a change. Use social media, talk to local legislators, do your research and reach out to members of these communities to help make a change.


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