Student Showcase: Logan Seaman

  With technology always evolving and video games getting more popular, one student tries to create a career out of it. Junior Logan Seaman has a lot of skills and personality. Seaman’s greatest skill however, is his Rocket League abilities. 

     Seaman is a very good Rocket League player and spends a lot of time putting in the work in order to be great. He has played in recognized Rocket League tournaments and even has played against some of the best Rocket League players in the world. 

      Seaman reveals some of his secrets: “The trick to being a great Rocket League play is consistency. Just like anything else you want to improve on, you have to do it consistently. You have to grind everyday, and the results will come. I try to play every single day, but I often take a break for a few days, and when I come back, I find myself smarter and more confident in my skills.”

      Seaman is devoted to being the best of the best and wants to be a recognized name. 

     With many different game modes in Rocket League, choosing which one to spend most of your time on is a crucial task Seaman had to decide, “I play doubles in Rocket League almost the whole time. When I get bored of it then I will switch to something more fun for a few games but I usually just play doubles. I also play doubles because of the somewhat unwritten rule that the best players play doubles. In doubles you get more time with the ball and therefore more time to individually improve,” Seaman stated.

     While Seaman has played Rocket League for so long, he has met and made new friends.

 “I have met very many people through Rocket League, I have known and communicated with some people for over two years. I have met content creators and streamers on Twitch and Youtube that have a large following and that’s always cool,” Seaman said. 

     Seamen has put in enough work to meet all these cool people and share a common interest that they can form a bond on. 

     Seamen is still not satisfied and wants more with his Rocket League career.

      “I plan on getting a full scholarship to college with my skills on Rocket League, but I am still a little unsure about how all that will work out, but Rocket League has given me many opportunities to meet people, and I want to continue going with it,” Seaman explained.

     At the high school, Seaman joined the E-Sports club to lead his team far in the playoffs with his Rocket League skills. Seaman has put in the work and will continue to grind so he can pursue his future in video games, especially Rocket League.


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