Ostara – Staff Member

This March holds the spring equinox. As the first day of spring, this day is celebrated by many. Ostara is a holiday that has been observed within Pagan cultures for centuries.

     Ostara was initially celebrated in cultures across Europe and was a way to celebrate the end of winter and the return of spring. This holiday is the reason many have the Easter celebrations which occur today, such as the use of rabbits, eggs and many other parts of the Easter holiday. While many changes have been made to this holiday, it originated with the Pagan celebration.

     Ostara had originally been celebrated by Pagan people but has changed over time and is now celebrated by modern-day Wiccans as well. The name comes from the Goddess Eostre, who represented spring and rebirth.

     There are many celebrations of the equinox across the world; however, this one, in particular, has been modernized and made popular across multiple different cultures. Originally as one of the Celtic traditions, the holiday was taken over by both Wiccans and Christians. While Wiccans and similar cultures kept the celebration and the meaning behind it relatively the same, in Christianity the festival that had once been to honor nature had been changed to one devoted to the return of Christ. 

     In modern times, this celebration is still celebrated in one form or another by both cultures and people who do not belong to either. Similar to Christmas as well as other holidays, the holiday has been stolen many times throughout history, first with Christianity and now popularized enough that it is now celebrated by a majority of 


     The Wiccan celebration of the holiday is very similar to the popularized Easter. The holiday also includes the symbolizing rabbits, the tradition of colored eggs and seasonal treats as well as many others. What many people fail to realize is how many of the holidays and traditions come from Wiccan celebrations.

     As someone who celebrates the holiday I personally don’t subscribe to Wiccan beliefs; however, that is not the only group who observes this celebration. This spring tradition is observed by many as a means to celebrate the return of summer and warmth to the earth. Some celebrate out of the spirits of the time and others out of respect for those who have come before.

     While Wiccans and cultures like them have celebrations that are much more nature-focused, the core of the  holidays in both cultures are the same as theirs. With both cultures sharing in our celebrations as well as other things, it is clear to see that despite some people’s differences many are more similar than most may think.


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